Which car seat - big 5 month old boy

Hi. My little boy is 22lbs and only 5 months old so I'm planning ahead and looking into getting the next car seat. He's currently in a Maxi-Cosi infant carrier which is supposed to last up to 9 months, but that's a joke! I estimate he will be out of this by January when he will be 7 months.

Mothercare advised a Maxi-Cosi seat that is rearward and forward facing (due to his age), but it has no isofix. I like the Priori Isofix seat as I want it to be very secure and it also looks more spacious (giving him plenty of room for growth.)

Would welcome opinions/tips please.

Thanks ladies

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  • Hiya. My friends LO is 7 months and a big boy. Nearly 21 lbs and very tall! He's going in a ff car seat this weekend. It's the maxi cosi priori sps I think basically their best one but not with isofix as they don't have it. Not ideal so young she is told by many but he's way way too big for his baby seat now. Good luck xxx
  • Personally I would never put a 7mth old forward facing, their neck muscles aren't strong enough at that age to cope with the forces involved in a collision, their heads are flung forwards, and it can snap their necks. We had the same issue as you, by 7 months I couldn't get his shoulders into his seat, so we bought a Concord Ultimax, which will stay rear facing till 13kg (about 28lb) and then turns round. I have isofix in my car, the concord doesn't use it but is every bit as secure once it's fastened in as an isofix seat. Barney is now a generous 29lb at 16 mths, with enourmous shoulders (he wears age 2-3 shirts) and he still has loads of room in it and seems very comfy. They aren't a particularly well know brand here (they are German) so you may have to search a bit for one, we got ours from www.paulstride.co.uk.
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