baby changing facilities!

We took our 8 month son to Saundersfoot in West Wales a couple of months ago and was totally shocked that the only place I was able to change him were the public toilets!
They stank of disinfectant so at least they were clean!
But can you believe it in this day and age that so many cafe's and restaurants do not have baby changing facilities, especially in what is suppose to be a family seaside resort! x


  • Me and a couple of girls off here met up in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago...and the baby change rooms were AWFUL!

    I would have taken the smell of disinfectant anyday over the smell of dioreah! X
  • I find some places have somewhere to change lo, but it's the disabled toilet, and it usually smells awful. xx
  • The things that annoy me most about changing facilities are:

    1/. when they are only available in the ladies

    2/. when there isn't a toilet available in the same room as the baby change or a cubicle which is big enough for a pram - do people really expect you to leave your baby outside?!

  • yesterday i got my little sister (12yrs) to sit on the floor tucked away in a shopping mall corner with her legs straight out. I put the travel change mat on her legs and changed baby there! lol
    I have used the pram too as well. Lily is not yet 6 weeks and have already struggled to find anywhere decent in some places.
  • I drive now but when my lo was little I used to get the train sometimes and the local train station toilet/change facilities are bad. There are baby changes in the ladies but no big cubicles. I left lo outside the cubicle once and even though I could see the pram under the door, It did not seem quite right and the whole 20 secs i was sat on the toilet I panicked.....I couldnt see a disabled anywhere!! A few months later i found out there was a disabled but it was quite a way from the other toilets. I did use the disabled in future.
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