Freezing baby food

I know that I can't freeze banana or avocado, but is there anything else?

I just got my annabel karmel book yesterday and am experimenting with the different recipes, but I'm a bit confused about the freezing part.

Can you only freeze a fruit or veg if it's been cooked? It says peach can be frozen alongside pear and apple if it's cooked. Can I cook and freeze papaya?


  • hi

    you can freeze fruit and veg and meat (as long as the meat was fresh and not frozen when brought) i dont know if papaya can be frozen, but blueberries,apple,pear,melon,strawberries,rasberries,blackberries,peach,plum,apricots can all be frozen.

    hope that helps

    ashy x
  • Papaya can definitely be frozen but it doesn't need cooking first. Not sure which AK book you have but in one I have she has 2 pages on non-cooked purrees which states that they cannot be frozen with the exception of papaya. I've just done some today, just scooped the flesh out, whizzed it in the blender then popped it into ice cube trays. HTH xx
  • lawso, does your ak book say nothing uncooked except papaya can be frozen? iv frozen all fruits uncooked except papaya and babana and avocado? im confused now?

    ashy x
  • i don't know about papaya, but i just wanted to say about meat - further to what ashyashy says you can also freeze meat if you have previously frozen it raw, then defrosted it to cook something - then you can cool it and freeze it again, to be defrosted and reheated to piping hot.
    ashyashy, i think it is fine what you have done. if you think about it, you can buy strawberries etc frozen and they haven't been cooked beforehand. banana and avocado need to be eaten straight away, i think most other fruits are fine to be frozen cooked or uncooked xx
  • I am so confused now!

    I was over looking at the recipes on the AK website, under some of them it says 'suitable for freezing', so I assume those without that it is not suitable.

    It does not say underneath the banana and avacado as expected but it also does not say for the simple papaya puree?

    Also the recipes with peach in only say suitable for freezing if the recipe includes cooking it alongside pears, apples etc.

  • Yes ashyashy1986, yes, that's what it says - so to be clear you can't freeze banana or avocado but you can freeze uncooked papaya. All other types of fruits are fine frozen too, it was just these 3 fruits that were discussed on the 2 pages of uncooked fruit to give your LO's as first purrees. I hope that makes sense and I'm sorry for any confusion xx
  • Oh dear, I'm sorry for causing any confusion, this is what I've done, whether it be right or wrong:-

    Cooked, blended and frozen - strawberries, blackcurrants, pears, apples

    Uncooked, blended and frozen - papaya, kiwi, mango

    Never to freeze - avocado, banana

    I've also frozen tinned apricots and peaches but am unsure whether you would class these as uncooked or cooked.

    I'm no expert, we've only been weaning a few weeks, this was based on my understanding from a weaning course and the AK books xx
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