When weaning, when did you get to the stage when your lo was having more food than milk? I don't think Gabe is having much food and his weight gain has dropped a bit, but HV is still happy with him. Does this sound right, this is what he ate today.

hipp cereal.
3 ice cubes of puree (1 chicken, 2 apple & carrot)
1 fruity custard.

He tends to have savoury for dinner and fruity custards or my purees for tea. I don't give him a 'proper' dinner and a pudding at both meals, cos I don't think he would manage it (he's 6 months - 27 wks). He's still on 4-5 bottles of 6/7oz.


  • jason was did a similar thing, wanting food but not taking bottles, so we just increase his food. He's now on:
    fruit puree & bottle for breakfast
    bottle at about 10.30/11
    lunch about half a 7months+ jar then either a rusk, fruit or custard pot as well as bottle
    bottle at around 2/2.30
    tea (half 7months+ jar), then a main pudding as well as a bottle
    has his bedtime bottle at around 6.45 then he's in bed for 7
    occasionally he wakes up for another bottle about 1am but that's usually if he's missed one during the day.

    when jason was 6 months he just stopped having bottles for some reason but as we upped his food (we started giving him lunch as well) he upped his bottles, jason's on 7oz bottles as well.

    hope this helps hun image

    hows gabes ezcema doing?
  • If he's 6 months I would UP his food intake and maybe drop an oz from each bottle? Not sure about the bottle bit as I bf!

    My lo we only started weaning at 24 weeks but by 27 weeks he was on 3 meals a day - cereal for brekkie and then a savory and pudding lunch and evening time.

    But it's up to you really! image Mums instinct and all that!
  • Hey Tigerlily Grace is 7 months and this is what she normally has in a day

    7:30-8:00 5oz bottle usually only has 3 or 4oz tho
    9:00 Wetabix with 3oz of milk on
    12:00 5oz Bottle usually again only has 4oz
    1:00-2:00 Savory puree and Yogurt
    5:00 Fruity Custard
    7:00 5oz bottle

    Usually has about 3oz of water throughout the day too.

  • I found it easy to drop bottles as Charlotte has always been fussy with milk - but I know Gabe likes his!

    However, I would suggest trying to drop one of his bottles gradually as he only really needs 20oz from 6 months. In fact too much milk after 6 months isn't that good for them. It can cause anemia & iron deficiency as their store of nutrients has just about gone so they need it from food. I would try and give him more food at mealtimes and think about introducing more meat into his diet as time goes on (inc fish). And give him pasta as well. You can make a veg puree and add grated cheese to it to make a pasta sauce - lo's seem to like that.
  • I know he does need more food & less milk just worrying that he won't be getting enough! Also I have no idea how he will drop a bottle as he still cries for them - I'll try increasing the food today. I don't think he is ready for pasta yet as no teeth. He manages "bitty" food OK (like bits of chicken in his food) but I don't think he could eat proper lumps.... x
  • He's not too keen on fromage frais (strange boy!) Likes fruit puree and fruit custards though...

    Does Alyssia have finger food yet? Im a bit scared about him choking!
  • You can buy pasta for babies at the supermarket. Heinz do them. You can buy baby spaghetti which is basically cut into very short bits, and tiny pasta stars.
  • HI Tigerlily - I'm glad you asked about this as I'm never too sure if I am giving too much or too little food. My lo is the same age as Gabe (I think born the same day if I remember from other posts). He has 3 bottles of milk a day now and a typical day is like this:

    7am - bottle of 7 oz
    8.30 - porridge or other baby cereal and water
    10 - bf if he will take it - the only bf I do a day now
    12 - lunch of 2 cubes of savoury - eg mixed veg, veg with grated cheese on top, chicken or fish stew
    Water - sometimes with a dash of baby fruit juice in it
    3.30 - tea eg mixed fruit, fruity custard pot, rusk in milk, mashed banana etc
    Bottle of 7 oz
    5.30 - porridge or other cereal or rusk in milk
    6.30 - bedtime bottle of 7 oz

    I'm thinking of buying those little pasta shapes later this week too.

    Hope that helps a bit
  • James is a bit of a piggy when it comes to food these days. He has

    7 bf
    8.30 about 5 tablespoons of cereal followed by bf
    11 bf
    12 4-5 cubes of veg, with cheese, fish etc + about half jar of dessert or 3-4 cubes of fruit puree
    3 bf and finger food (which he mainly doesn't eat)
    4.30 As lunch
    6 bf

    He hasn't dropped any milk feeds at all at the moment but I think he is making up for lost time as his weight really dropped off before I weaned him.

    I have just discovered Organix corn carrot things for finger food. The are kind of like baby crisps but healthy (I hope!) and are easy for him to eat as they don't need too much chewing.

    Hope he enjoys his new food!
  • Hello. nathan is such a piggy I have never done ice cube trays of food as he would eat so many at a time it wouldnt be worth it.
    He is more interested in food than milk and has 3 - 4 milk feeds with 3 solid feeds, breakfast, lunch (savory and pud) and dinner (savory and pud).
    I have just introduced a snack with his 10.30am bottle which is finger food, normally toast, veggies or a baby organic biscuit. He's good with the biscuit and starts well with the toast but then put too much in his mouth and then can sometimes gag so now as soon as he does that I take it away - I hope he will learn that if he stuffs it all in it disappears and eventually slow down!!
    To introduce lumps I started by making his porridge a bit lumpy as then they are very soft lumps.

  • jayden 6 months- 25 weeks he has--
    8-half a jar fruit puree and 5oz bottle
    12-half a jar of savory and 6 oz bottle
    3- 5oz bottle
    6- half a jar of savory and a yougot witha 5oz bottle
    8-6oz bottle
    2a- 5oz bottle

    thats a usually day but these last 4 days he has been waking for 4oz bottle around 5am think it might be a growth spurt, going to start giving him less and less milk for that night feed though so he stops waking for it, well hoping so!! xx

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