Baby had bad reaction to 12 month jab

Hi girls

I've not been on here for ages cos I am having to work full time and so don't get a minute to myself anymore to get on line but I am worried about my son.
He had the 12 month men c/hib booster on Thursday and he hasn't been himself since and it was 6 days ago. He had a bit of a temp and it is fluctuating although never above 38, he has had a rash on his legs which has pretty much gone but he got one on his chest and back yesterday which went but came back today. He is waking up about every 30 minutes throughout the night, he isn't eating much or having much milk. His rash disappears under a glass and he is still having wet and dirty nappies but he is not a happy baby at all and has been a bit lethargic today.
I am going to see how tonight goes before I ring the doctor but wanted to get some advice or to hear from anyone who's babies reacted the same. I am worried that it might be something other than a reaction to his jabs but don't know if I am being complacent. I am more worried today as he was fine the last two days at nursery and just whingey etc at home but they rang me today and so I picked him up early and now he's asleep on me.

Any replies would be really appreciated

thank you xx


  • Don't know what to suggest hunny. Loads of calpol and cuddles, and trust your instincts! If you are worried get him seen - it's always better to be over cautious in these situations.

    I think if they are going to have a reaction, it will be in the 10 days after the jabs - so he is well within that.

    Maybe try some calprofen if the calpol isn't helping?

    sorry - not very helpful, but hopefully someone else will have some good advice!

  • Thanks for replying, I appreciate it.
    He's now asleep on our bed still fully dressed cos he's barely stirred since he fell asleep at 4.30 bless him. His temp is okay so I am hoping he is now just catching up on all the sleep he has lost. I'll see how he goes in the night and will keep him in with us again to keep an eye on him (he's not slept in his cot for 3 nights now!)
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