Where are you going to be for Christmas?

I really really want to have Harry's christmas with just me, OH and Harry.

However i've just been informed by MIL that all of her family are coming over for xmas day so they can see harry. Now i don't actually ever get asked if we can come, its assumed that its fine as i don't go back to work yet (and clearly i do nothing with my days).

Its really pissed me off a treat and OH can't see a problem with it! He thinks that as we live with my parents (not out of choice) that they are going to be able to see HArry at xmas and its not fair etcetcetc. I've had all these bloody jealousy problems for MIL and her family from day one and to be honest, i really wanted to take harry down to london where my parents have a place, and have xmas there. On our own. With no distractions. Or family.

Is that too unreasonable in this day and age..? xxx


  • i have a war going on with my mil at the minute and i live with her so i feel ur pain!

    we are going to stay over at my mums house xmas eve night and then go to my dads in morning/afternoon and then have xmas dinner at my mums. we are trying to avoid spending xmas with mr and mrs satan as much as possible lol :lol:

    x x x


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  • We are having the morning just us three then my mum, dad and sister are coming for lunch. Boxing day is just us! MIL is NOT coming! But she will ring about 6 times - no joke she did last year and the year before.
  • For christmas morning and lunch its just going to be me, oh and tegan which will be nice as we have never spent christmas morning and lunch on our own, has always been at our parents. Then in the afternoon we will oh's parents although they have said not to worry if we are busy and then we will see my parents for the rest of the day i think, as we are the only family they have down here...my brothers and sisters live up in scotland and we are in cornwall. so i cant let them spend it alone.

    If you really want to spend xmas away with just the three of you then why dont you just go to london? your mil will soon get over it. xx
  • hi
    mines with OH mum, staying in london on xmas eve, xmas breakfast at his sisters, n lunch at his mums then going to his dads on boxing day, then on 29th i have to meet up with my sons dad not looking forward to this, new years at OH sisters n then home for another xmas at my mums and dadsn then another at home lol, bloody hard work lol
  • We're going to my mum and dads, which is great as we all get on really well. They love my OH!! Looking so forward to xmas this year..................40 days to go xxx
  • We're going to my mum and dads, which is great as we all get on really well. They love my OH!! Looking so forward to xmas this year..................40 days to go xxx
  • We're staying home...which will be with me, oh, Gabe, and my oh's mum, dad & brother! People will be in & out all day too. We'll pop round my mums and dads on christmas eve and boxing day.

    Personally I love spending christmas with all the family, it's great. I don't have to cook, Gabe gets loads of attention and I get a break! Tbh I know I'm weird but I love living with the pil's, I think its fab that Gabe is spending his first year in a noisy house with family all around, we will be moving out next year and I think I might have another baby just so we dont get lonely, lol.

    I think even next year when we move, we'll either be coming to pil's or my parents cos just 3 of us would be a bit dull, christmas is all about cracker puling and exchanging jokes after all lol
  • We are with my nightmare in laws - :cry: I am dreading it and just forcing myself not to recognise that 25th Dec is christmas day - we will have it another day when we are back home :lol:
  • We'll be spending Christmas morning at home, just me, oh & Poppy then about 2pm we'll head over to my mums for late lunch with all my brothers and my aunt. We normally leave there about 6pm then home, pick up the dog and off to my bil & sil house for drinks when Poppy has gone to bed. I really love spending time with my family at Christmas and I'm really looking forward to this one as Poppy will be far more aware of things this year!!
    Then on 27th, we're off to a cottage in Shropshire for the New Year and I'm really looking forward to it!
  • we are having xmas day on our own this year, as its our first as a family. We will see my parents on xmas eve and my hubby's on boxing day x
  • im going to my mil for xmas dinner then down to cornwall to my mums for a few days ( we live in sheffield) is good traveling on xmas day as theres no traffic on the roads!! xx
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