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Too much sleep??

I can't believe I am actually posting this and tbh if I read this 4 months ago when my ds was only sleeping at 90 minute intervals through the night I would have hated me for posting this but I really need to know whether the amount of sleep my ds is sleeping is ok/normal.

Ds is 5 months old and since 3 months he has been going through the night, sleeping 8pm-8am. For the past week he has been sleeping for around 15 hrs solid with 15 and half hours last night. He also has 3 x 1 hour naps in the day which he has always had and is still having although the other day he napped for longer and was only awake for 4 hours in 24hrs and that was just to feed. He seems fine, no temp, happier than normal (he is usually very grumpy), still taking his milk, etc. I didn't think anything of it (other than he is a lazy boy like his dad) until this morning when my mum said I shouldn't leave him to sleep that long and she would've woke him up as it can't be good for him. Now she has got me worried. He has had a big week - cut his first two teeth, learnt some new sounds, is almost sitting and more alert so I told her he must need his sleep after a growth spurt but she said I should wake him up after 12 hours now. Is she right? Just after a bit of advice or for someone else to tell me it's normal for babies to do this sometimes. I am not complaining as the lie ins have been great lol but my mum has got me a bit paniced and has made me feel like a bad mum for not being concerned until now!


  • Well, Dasiy-Mae sleeps for at least 15 hours every night!

    I find it quite inconvenient to be honest, but I rarely wake her - and never wake her if there is no need! She obviously needs a lot of sleep and is sometimes ready for another nap again after about an hour of being awake!

    If you are happy that there is nothing wrong with your LO, I'd just go with it and enjoy it for as long as it lasts - hopefully a VERY long time!!!!

    C xx
  • ha ha, mrs buttons. i know what you mean about it can be inconvenient. it hasn't been a problem yet but i was wondering what would happen if i need to be somewhere before lunch!! i don't really want him going to bed any earlier than 8pm either as oh doesn't get in from work until 7.30pm so he would never see him!! george is the same with going back to sleep an hour after his first bottle too. what a life!

    thanks for reassuring me. xx
  • JJ slept through the night from a few weeks old but we did go through a stage of sleeping a LOT, possibly around the same age as ur LO! i was concerned at the time but the older they get the more they are moving and there has to be a point where tiredness catches up with them and i just put it down to this...he soon grew out of it but still sleeps well at night...if ur really concerned speak to ur gp/hv...usually sleeping a lot can be from dehydration but as long as he's getting enough fluids it should be fine x
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