maternity pads?

hoping you lovely ladies can help me with this one as my brain has gone to mush. but how many packs do i need? im going to buy the boots own pack of 10 ones. but i cant remember for the life of me how many packs i went through last time and tegan is only 16months. im 35+1 so thinking nows a good time to get my arse in gear and sort out my hospital bag so im ordering some things from xxx


  • I had 3 packs which I used all of and then needed an extra 2 lots, only got halfway through 2nd pack and then stopped bleeding....

    In total 4 and a half :lol: I used Boots own as well, found them really nice and I like Tesco's and Mothercare the least! I got a pack of each :lol: I found the m'care ones bunched up

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  • I used about 6 packets! x
  • I used about 10 packets! I didn't like the ones they give you in hospital so I used my own.

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