I think I'm going to have to go to the doc's and get myself some form of hormone input (pill, implant etc) as I'm bf Leia aot less now she is weaned and my hormones are going mental! :roll:

I wake up one day and I'm happy and fine; the next day I can be like a crazy thing! :evil:

I used to take the pill before ttc my 2 year old and went back onto it after he was born but had to stop taking it (hence I have a 6 month old as well!) because I was a hormonal nightmare on it so I'm reluctant to go back on the pill... :evil:

...but can I get much worse than almost bloody crying at the national lottery!!! :cry:

I need to get a grip...

Sorry just had to get that


  • Sorry you are having a bad time, Maybe you could go on a pill that has less hormones. I used to be a hormonal monster on microgynon and once a month i would be a psycho. I switched to Yasmin and i dont suffer with PMT anywhere near as bad
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