Teething: did 2nd tooth come quickly after first?

Hi there, my 6 month old daughter got her first tooth about a week ago. She has been very dribbly and chompy for a while but didn't really appear in any discomfort (actually, she's been sleeping more!). But now I get the feeling that she is in a bit of discomfort - she won't let me go near her gums with teething gel as I'm guessing they're sensitive.

I thought that the painful part was the tooth breaking through? Could number 2 be on its way already?

Thank you x


  • I don't know the answer to the last question, just wanted to reply to the title - no.2 came through the day after no.1 for my LO :\)
  • Ours got his first 2 teeth on the same day and another 4 within 6 weeks so its definitely possible! x
  • Yes teeth usually come through in pairs, the second can come within a couple of days of the first, or even the same day - although my son didn't follow the rules and was three weeks between first and second, and then had 3 bottom ones and a 4th showing before he got a top one!
  • My lo's first 2 teeth came through at the same time, so next 1 is probably on the way
  • my lo's first came through and then 3 days later the second but he was still in a lot of pain and discomfort for a good week after they initially broke through. that was almost 3 months ago and at 7 months we haven't had another tooth since. xx
  • Toby's came within days of each other. His first cut and then started slowly making its way up, then his 2nd cut and caught up!

    We think no. 3 is on the way for us!
  • dd cut her first at 10 months then the 2nd didnt appear until 13 months then she cut 5 in 6 days.

    her first was bottom front left then the next were top front two then the next top two with the bottom right being the last. but dd is awkward
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