baby is back to back - tips please!

Hi ladies, hope you dont mind me g/c but hope to be joining you soon as I'm now 36 +2!! I was told at my final scan yesterday that baby is back to back and I really want to try and turn him/her before labour starts as I've heard some horror stories about back to back labours and births. Has anyone got any tip to help baby swing round? I do try to keep as active as possible but we have a sofa that naturally tilts my pelvis back which I know doesnt help and short of spending the next 4 weeks on my hands and knees I'm not sure what I can do? Any tips would be fab. Bay's head hasnt yet engaged, not sure if this makes a difference? Also if anyone would like to share their stories (good and bad) about back to back labours and births that would be great too.



  • Hi hun, well I had 11 scans and LO was in perfect position the entire time, then turned back to back in labour!!! Yes it was painful and long but I dont know any different really, it may have been like that normally. I would recommend an epidural. I had zero pain relief (not my choice, hospital too busy to give me a midwife). My labour was over 2 days as he was b2b so I was v exhausted, I think pain relief would have helped me mentally focus.

    On the other side of the coin a girl in my nct group's baby was b2b all the way and turned normally in labour and her waters went at 38 weeks for a 6 hour labour.

    There is always a story for both....

    Dont worry it will be fine x
  • Hi! Like the post above said, babies move even during labour so you can encourage the baby to turn but no guarentees!
    My baby was slightly b2b which just meant I found it really painful to lay on my back. I used to pool which helped to be weightless and laid on one side when I got out to have her so it really didn't affect me. My labour was 6 hours and not even near as bad as i thought it would be. I quite enjoyed it lol! Stay relaxed and it will just happen.
    Good luck!! Xx
  • my LO was b2b from 35wks and the entire time i was in labour but turned on the way out. it is painful but my labour was only an hour and 10mins and pain relief took the edge off it. just try and keep active walk around as much as you can and hopefully that may do something.

    hope LO turns for u. xx
  • My 1st baby was back 2 back and we didnt know till she was born. I had a 1.5 hour labour with no pain relief. The pain was all in my back so I got in the bath which helped heaps. I hope the baby turns for you.
  • When I had my 37 week MW appointment she told me the baby was in a back to back position (after being in the perfect position for birth for months!), I spent lots of time sat on the edge of my seat, down on all fours, leaning over tables and stools and swimming.

    At my last appointment (39 weeks) she said the baby has started moving back around so just more of the same for me really. Hoping that by the time it decides to arrive it'll be back in the perfect position!

    Sarah 39+4
  • I didn't know my baby was back to back until I was in labour, but from the very first contraction to delivery it took 16 hours, so not bad at all.

    Yes it was painful (but then labour is!), however I did it with just gas and air and the birthing pool. The pool really helped with my position and gravity etc and baby did turn before delivery. I would suggest that you try the pool if baby hasn't turned before birth. Good luck x
  • My baby was back to back, he didn't turn and was born facing up so I wouldn't take my advice on turning them lol!

    I just wanted to try and reassure you a little bit. Firstly 95% of back to back babies turn during labour. I cannot compare to a normal labour since I only have one baby but I was in labour for 15 hours in total, 6 hours active labour and 35 minutes pushing which I think is relatively short for a first labour. I did it all on gas and air and only had a 2nd degree tear despite him coming out facing the wrong way and me being naughty and pushing when I shouldn't! Did I mention his head was on the 91st centile lol?!!

    If baby doesn't turn please don't worry too much about the labour, the more you worry the worse the pain will be because everything will tense up. It's not all horror stories!!

    They encouraged me to stay as upright as possible leaning forwards lots, I was bouncing up and down during contractions which they said was my bodies natural way of trying to turn him and I spent most of my labour either leaning on the bed or on all fours leaning against the back of the bed.

    My stubborn little boy was breech for a long time and the midwife recommended swimming on my front so the water supported my bump and the baby had the most amount of room possible to move. I went on holiday at 33 weeks and spent the entire time floating around the pool on my front, It seemed to get him out of the breech position but he was not content being 'normal' so had to cause more trouble!!!

    Lots of luck!
  • Thank you so much for all the repplies ladies, it really has helped reassure me that it's not all doom and gloom! I am hoping to have a water birth which I know will help, and I will definately try some swimming and lots of leaning forward. It might actually encourage me to do some housework lol! Best of luck Sarahc84, I hope all your hard work pays off and baby turns for you. I guess what will be will be but I'm definately feeling more positive now so thank you lots ladies.

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