night waking..

I need some advice. My lo is 24 weeks now and was sleeping through the night image

But then started waking as he was teething, was advised by h/v to only give him water to discourage him from waking up in the night. (he is 20lb). At this point he was only waking up at 4am, he would have some water then sleep til 6. He had 2 front teeth come through last monday.
Now last night we hit a real low, He woke at 9.30, 11.30 and 4.30. I gave him water on all occasions, and other then the 4.30 wake up, he settled. He refused to settle by 4.45, so I made him an 8oz bottle and he drank most of it.

So, any ideas why he is still waking??Could he be really hunrgy still and is that why he is waking?? Should I introduce a dream feed, despite being told he shouldnt need one (by h/v). OR could his teeth still be hurting him?

He has his last feed at about 6.45-7pm, and has about7-8 oz's.

Thanks for any help


  • Did he drink all of his breakfast bottle, despite having a full feed at 4.45am? If yes, then I think he's probably hungry.

  • no, that is the problem, he has his milk at 5ish, the refuses it at 7am, but he does have breakfast! GGRRR. He is on 3 meals a day and has been for a while.
  • Sounds to me like it's his teeth that are causing him to wake. I personally wouldnt offer the water, just try to help him to resettle, or offer meds if you think he is in pain as that may be the reason he is too fractious to settle again. Teething throws all sleep out of whack! Im afraid it's something you may need to ride through with him. Also, there sleep patterns can change at around the 6 month mark.
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