todays birmingham meet

just to say it was lovely meeting you all and your beautiful beautiful babies. spent most of day chasing round after my monster and you have all made me very broodey!! xx love keely and daisy xx


  • I had a lovely time too, even though Im too quiet.

    All the babies were adorable

  • oh susan your little skye by far the best behaved and just gorgoues xxxxxx
  • Skye was lovely Susan! So small and I never heard a peep out of her.

    Keeley you should be very proud of your gorgeous cheeky girl too!

    Me & Gabe had a great time (minus the cake!), in fact Gabe's just gone to bed as he was so tired lol
  • hey ladies, forum jumping from preg!!! there is a brill soft play centre in kings heath called hickory dickories or one in erdington called funky monkeys, that are both fab and my lo's love them!!!! hope when i'm a bona fide inductee into the baby forum i could maybe make the next meet??
  • I didnt really get chance to speak to you SB! But TJ (I mean matthew lol) is an absolute cutie as well.
  • Hi guys glad you all had a good time i will be able to make the next one image i had Leah on 11th march Lexie loves her i probably will only bring Leah to the meet though Lexie is too active lol take care Linimage
  • Congratulations Lin!!!! You went for Leah after all...beautiful name...hope your girls are behaving xx
  • Im gutted I didn't come now! Had arranged to meet a mum off netmums and she didn't turn up and had her phone switched off - completely wasted a day! Glad you all had a fab time and i would love to come to the next one if thats okay?? xx
  • hey funky monkey you should def come to the next one. its a shame your other mum didnt turn up how rude of her xx
  • I'm sorry I had to miss it - sounds like you had a great time. Hopefully no bad colds next time!
  • aww glad you all had fun! i'd have loved to have come along but we had to stay in for someone coming to buy our car. Hopefully the next one i'll be able to join you all. image

    Lisa xxx
  • Tigerlily I know how Gabe feels - I met a friend from work straight after and I was exhausted by the time I got home, just not cut out for that much socialising!

    I did also have a lovely time though, however felt slightly less impressed with the changing rooms today after going in the best changing area EVER up the Merry Hill - Kelly knows the one I mean lol

    Looking forward to seeing you all (and some more!) again

    ps Congratulations Lin!

    Clare & Harry x
  • thank you for your lovely comments about skye
    *sevans beams with pride*

    But all the babies are lovely cos they are so unique.

    Looking forward to seeing all you ladies who missed it, the next time.

    congrats Lin

  • Sounds like you all had a lovely time.
    Pickle82 I love love love the changing rooms in merryhill
  • thanks guys Lexie loves Leah keeps kissing her wont kiss us now lol waves at her if she moves her hand its so cute so far all is going well fingers crossed it does when Phil goes back to work at end of the week.looking forward to meeting you all againimage yep went for Leah in the end it was the only name we liked.
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