for those whos LO sleep through

what do you do about nappies?

my LO is not sleeping through yet and we change him at bath time at half six, then at the 11pm feed then at 4am, he is always really wet and i dont think he would last the night in one nappy, he is in size 2 pampers now, do you ladies find you need to change in the night?

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  • Hi piggypops,
    Finley sleeps through from around 9pm-8am, and I dont change him through the night unless he poos.
    I change him as soon as he wakes, and his nappies are quite wet but don't bother him in the night at all. I was always told not to disturb him to change him, unless he poos.
    HTH xx
  • Dylan sleeps through 7-7, he is in size 3 pampers and these keep him dry during this time. We apply a ton of sudocream at bedtime and then while his bottle warms I change his nappy in the morning.

    Some people use pampers stay dry but we have never needed to, if he does have a leak (very very rare) he will wake as hes cold and we change him then.

    Em and Dylan 3 months today image
  • When they sleep through, they take less fluid so nappy's wont be as wet xx
  • DD sleeps from 8.30-9 and we dont change her. It doesnt bother her becuase she wakes every morning with a smile and actually likes to play for 10 minutes before we change and feed her, when she wakes she then does a poo and her nappy is never very wet.
  • We use Huggies Superdry at night and they are sooo full in the morning but still feel dry. I'm always really impressed!

  • DD sleeps through and we dont change her unless she wakes and is poopy. We found putting her in a nappy one size bigger helps as its more absorbant, and just apply lots of barrier cream. She's usually very wet in the morning but she's not bothered. Plus once he's having a last feed at bedtime he'll not have as much to pee out at night with a second night feed so wont be as wet.
  • DD sleeps from 7pm (bum change at 6.30pm) through to 8 am.
    I use Pampers Baby Dry and lots of Sudocrem!!! x
  • We use pampers baby dry or active fit and they easily last 12+ hours.

    Wills is currently having some sleeping issues and I'm feeding him again during the night (often quite a few times as we then co sleep once he's out of his cot) but his nappies never leak.

    I've never ever used barrier cream either, I personally don't think its necessary and touch wood he's never once had nappy rash and he's 9.5 months x
  • thanx ladies x
  • Hi my lo was the same before he slept through, once I was feeding him at night on the weekend and oh came in tipsy from a night out & suggested I leave his nappy to avoid waking him too much, MISTAKE! It leaked. But I found once he dropped the night feeds he wasn't weeing so much overnight anyway. I definitely would never, ever change lo if they are asleep as whats the point (unless they've pooed). Now lo is 21 months we only give him about 3oz if he wants a drink before bed and usually he doesnt drink 1/2 hour before bed otherwise the sheets etc will all be soaked. xxx
  • I use washables during day and disposables at night precisly so i don't have to change nappy during night.
    Disposables are designed to minimise moisture being left close to bubs bum.
    No need for a barrier cream i find, the only thing to have caused nappy rash on my lo has been baby wipes ( i know use washable wipes or if i must Huggies Pure)

  • My Lo sleeps 8.30pm to 7.00am and we have only had leaky nappies with Pampers, once we switched to Huggies superdry she has been fine.
    I also put lots of sudocrem on with the last nappy to prevent nappy rash.

    I was also told never to wake a baby unless they have a dirty nappy, not just a wet one
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