winding me up!!

I know this is stupid, but my two teenage cousins are really winding me up with there repetative phrases... Im usually quite tolerant but they are pissing me off!!!

Everytime they speak they begin it with... "Im not being funny but...." or " Im not racist but...." and whatever I say, they reply "honestly?" or "seriously!" "thats whack"

Then they start telling me a story and say a thousand times over " At the end of the day..." and every sentence starts with "right"
Then when showing one of then Eoins pressies she began saying ..."thats sick" and "thats dead"..... WTF!!!

God, thats better... feel like a nagging old women now, oh well!
What phrases grate you?


  • I hate "I'm not being nasty but..." or "I'm not being racist but..." because ou know it is almost certainly going to be followed by a nasty or racist comment!
  • This made me giggle lots! My teenage cousins both use "teen text" which, at the ripe old age of 32, I can't understand! One of them went thru a stage of ending her texts with "tb". Couldn't work out for love nor money what this meant til I was hit by a flash of inspiration and realised she was saying "tatty bye". Or not. When she'd finished laughing at me she broke the news that it meant "text back" How thick did I feel?!
    They are now banned from teen texting. Vowels and words exist for a very good reason lol!
  • I'm not quite a teenager anymore (20) but i am a complete bugger for this! I HATE doing it - I like to think I am fairly well educated - did my a-levels lol even if I didn't pass them - but I can't stop myself! I talk too fast that it kind of slips out!!!!
  • my teenage sis says she hates bands that are soo COMMERCIAL when i point out that the second you sell a song t shirt etc you are commercial she gets arsey n says u dont know music like i do? no katie a former music teacher and general pianist for hire has no idea grrrghh oh the other phrase is brb on instant messanger took forever to get it BE RIGHT BACK duhhh
  • LMAO at tatty bye! Hubby works for the police and says he can tell where someone is from usually by the what they say when he answers the phone. "Basically what it is right..." is a favourite for a certain area near us. xxx
  • LOL made me smile!
    I live in Norhtern Ireland & there would be certain people who start every conversation with "Here be's me SAY WAAA??" & "Aoi...Like F**k".....Also our Football team is known as Norn Iron image & an insult to someone is "aye yer ma"....if your really bored & looking a laugh go onto you tube & put in toll trolls up north it's hilarious xxx
  • hehe, tatty bye! thats made my day zoe!!

    i say a lot of 'like' 'dya know what i mean' and other crap like that...i dont mean to but the more you try to stop the worse it gets!

    funny post by the way, we are all old ladies arent we!!!
  • LMAO!! im bad for.......dya no what im sayin? or ya get me? OH says "no Elaine im thick as sh*t why dont you tell me again?" but he says them things himself!!!

    Rebecca - your hubbys right you can tell where someone is from by what and how they say things! People assume if you're from london then you all sound the same but im from N London and can defo tell the difference hearing some1 from S, E or W London.

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