Advice on expressing

Hi ladies,

Sorry, i'm gate crashing from pregnany, but ye girls are really helpful so i thought ye might be able to help me out :\) ;\)
have any of you breast fed and expressed? (for husband to help out)
How did it go for ye?
Did ye use a manual breast pump or electric?

and one final question what bottles are/did ye use as i am looking at the tommt tippie ones at the minute.

thanks in advance



  • i only expressed for 6wks as the twins were 9wks early and was in scbu for 5wks,it is very hard work,i had a manual and also a electric pump so i could double pump at the same time,sorry i cant help out more than that but iam sure other ppl will reply image

  • I have expressed and bf for nearly 4 months now, and I use formula to top up when I don't have enough expressed as I don't get enough all the time to cope with the growth spurts.
    I'm using avent stuff and find it really good for us. I'd get an electric pump if you can afford it as you don't wear your hand out and if you don't get on with the electric the avent certainly converts to a manual if needed.

    It can be a faff to do and I'm down to expressing just once a day as my last express of the night was producing so little. It can be very frustrating to start with as you get so little (20ml after feeding lo is excellent in the first couple of weeks). If you need to build your supply (after the first couple of weeks) express a bit off before you feed lo as they are more efficient so the pump gets the easy stuff and lo stimulates to produce more so they get what they need.

    Keep an eye on boots. I was sent a 20% off avent pumps, and then they did a 20% off promotion in store so I got it with nearly 40% off.

    Hope it all goes well.
  • thank ye girls soooo much for your replies, it has really helped me out.

    thanks again

  • I expressed for 4 months on and off so Paul could help out, we used a manual one but i agree with mummy2grace that an electric one might be easier i think you can hire them to see how you get on first. manual pump takes a while. I got avent bottles but next time i will get tommee tippee or Dr Brown bottles as these are meant to be much more natural and Erin use to to get bad wind from avent bottles when she was smaller xx
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