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Tomy walkabout premier advance monitor

For those that have this model...Does yours make 'clicking' noises when it's on charge? We take ours downstairs when lo goes to bed, and when we go to bed we put it back on charge. It starts making 'clicking' noises, loses signal, the light flashes & display changes to as it would if it were charging and switched off. This is becoming very irritating as it is keeping me awake, and also not serving it's purpose as it seems to do it very regularly (3 times a minute for about 10 seconds!). We have tried changing channel, with little effect. It does not do this when it's not on charge, nor in the morning, when I assume it's fully charged. Any experience/advice please ladies?xx


  • I haven't used mine very often, so it's always on charge. It doesn't make a clicking noise. Just has the light on the front get brighter, then dim again. x
  • I have this but haven't had any problems like that - I would take it back.

    C image
  • Thanks ladies. I have thought about taking it back, but we got it when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, so although it's not been used until recently, we've had it for a while (lo is 12 weeks). Don't have the receipt either image xx
  • Hi, Mine did exactly the same! I also bought it early on in my pregnancy and couldn't find the receipt so I ended up buying a new monitor as I jiust didn't trust it! x
  • if its faulty you dont need a reciept, they should exchange it x
  • I had this model and it just died on me after about 4 months' use - silently too, so I wouldn't have known if LO had been crying if I hadn't happened to notice the parent screen had just gone blank.

    Didn't have probs with clicking but I just didn't trust it even before that happened, mostly because if you don't turn the parent monitor on within a certain window of turning the baby monitor on the whole thing just turns off without warning.

    As pp says if it's faulty you shouldn't need a receipt - I got mine from Tesco and they were happy to exchange it without a receipt, but only if I swapped it for the same thing, which I didn't want :roll:
  • mine didn't do this but it broke after about 8 months!! Wouldn't recomend one to anyone

  • Ours did exactly the same and has now died completely and the baby is only 3 months old. We haven't got receipt either so I just went and bought a new one. I'm not good at exercising my rights when it comes to these things.
  • our does click but not as often maybe once or twice a week at the most. its usually kept on the charger all the time though. hubbie thought it was a ghost!!!!
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