7 + months lumpy food

How does your lo get on with it. When she has the jars 4+ months she gets on fine, she's almost 9 months now and when she has the 7+ ones she reaches into her mouth and grabs the little lumps out instead of chewing them!! lol, She does this with home-made too, as I can't get it as smooth as it is in the jar! How do I get her out of this, it's messy and sometimes she chokes on the lumps! :\? xox


  • How is she with finger foods, does she manage to eat them? I guess maybe she is not ready for them yet and it will just take a bit longer. You could always try mixing a stage 1 and stage 2 together to water the lumps down a bit? Sorry I can't be any more help, xxx
  • hi

    Grace was a bit like this, always gagging on the lumps.
    what jars is she on?
    i put Grace on Boots organics and she was much better as the lumps dont seem as big and she manages them much better.
    i also tried ellas kitchen which are more textured tham lumpy

  • She has C&G and Heinz. He is fine with finger food that's the thing lol! I'll try the boots own next time see how they do down! Never tried ellas kitchen, will try those too! thank u ladies xox
  • Hi,
    I find the Ella's Kitchen stage 2 really good there are lumpys but soft ones and Alf copes better than say the HIPP stage 2 as the lumps in those are like little cubes-a massive jump from stage 1! Ella's Kitchen are great Alf loves the fish pie and vegetable bake with lentils!
  • Cole is 14 months now and he still doesn't get on with lumpy food. We mix jars with blended veg and he just won't eat anything mixed wiht stage 2. I spoke to a midwife last year at the baby show, and just the other day to someone on the c&g helpline and they both said that sometimes babies can take longer to get used to the lumps and to just take it slowly and not push them. Well..the slowly bit was what the mw said, the c&g woman jsut said to persevere so we are back to stage 1 at the moment because he's getting too upset with the stage 2.

    Just like yoru lo, cole is fine with finger food so I do wonder if some of it is a control thing - like he knows what he's putting in his mouth with finger food so he's ok with it but when we feed him he doesn't know.

    I might just try the ellas kitchen stuff though. Also, cole has been ok with some stage 2 babylicious food - but they dont sell it in the asda near me so i can't get it easily.

    Also - on suggestion from his keyworker at nursery - we are going to start crumbling a biscotti biscuit in his yoghurt to get him used to the texture of lumps with something that'll go very soggy. she says she tried it a couple of years ago with a little girl who wouldnt eat lumps and within 2 weeks she weas fine.
  • It might be a control thing as she is not feeding herself. And picking out the lumps from her mouth etc. I guess all babies are different as I don't remember having a problem switching Evie onto lumpier foods. xox
  • Just been to the docs with cole and I mentioned his eating problems. she said if they are eating finger foods ok then there isn't a serious problem because they are managing to swallow stuff ok, just a problemw ith the taste or texture of whatever it is they are eating - and she said its likely that he'll grow out of it as he gets more able to feed himself.

    At least she's picking the lumps out.. cole's latest is food filled raspberries - which is better than gagging and puking! Not fun
  • lol! At least he'll be ok, no serious probs! How many teeth does Cole have? Kyra's nine months and still no sign of any! xox
  • He's just had his 11th tooth through this week! thats the 3rd molar and they are horrid!!! I do sometimes wonder if the fussy eating is down to teething too as I guess it must hurt on the gums when having to chew stuff.
  • Definitely! My wisdoms came through a few months ago and they were bloody painful! Could only manage soups for 3 days! It hurt my whole jaw too, not just gums. Poor babies! xox
  • Gabe didn't have problems with lumps at all, but I know a lot of babies do ... I think as long as she is eating finger foods there is no problem cos she is still learning to chew which is the important thing as it is good for speech development!
  • I have one wisdom tooth coming through but its been coming through about 4 years now and has never bothered me! Guess I'm lucky!

    Its awful what our lo's have to suffer with teething isn't it.

    Tiger lily - I guess its one of those things isn't it - some babies do some things better than others just to give us mummies something to worry about! I saw you'd posted a bit back about worrying about gabe not rolling and stuff - theres always something to worry about isn't there. I meant to reply but forgot- i often read stuff while i wait for cole to fall asleep but don't ttype so it doesnt disturb him, and hten i forget ot reply! My friends little boy didn't even crawl till 18 months old - just sat on the floor like a lump and occasionally bum shuffled. he's 2 1/2 now and running around like a loon!
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