Sleep routine going backwards! HELP!

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem but we had jason in a pretty good routine:
bed for 7 with bottle
another bottle at around 12 but he'd go straight back to sleep after or we'd just give it to him as a dream feed.
wake up at between 7 n 8.

we've always had him in this, every since he was about 13 weeks old.

but a couple of weeks ago he picked up a really bad cough which was keeping him up alot as it was all going on his chest, tried raising the cot but didnt realy make any difference till we took him 2 drs n they gave him some simple lictus. This was a hell of alot better than tixylix as the tixylix seem to just make him cough more.

anyway he's over it now, still got a bit of a sniffly nose but nothing to what it was. But he's now decided to go back to not wating to go to bed until half 10/11 at night, fair enough he sleeps through til about 10 in the morning but because of this it's causing him to not want his meals during the day coz they end up too close together, not to mention me & oh not knowing if he's actually going to stay asleep or not as we have to leave him in his cot fully awake.
If we just had jason wouldn't be too bad coz (i now this sounds really mean) i'd just put him bed at 7 if he wakes up n cries i'd just leave him but we can't really do that coz oh daughter is next door n she's at school so can't have jason waking her up n her being knackered for school (she's 5)

atm he's going own at 7 but waking up again at around 8 just to play, not actually wanting anything just attention. We've tried just sitting in the room till he gets bored of us but last night it took oh about 3 hours to get him back to sleep.

it's only been happening for about a week but with oh daughter at school one of us needs to get up early to get her ready & everything n we can't do that coz if jason wakes up he wakes both of us up. we want a lie in so we let him sleep n it's just a vicious circle!

sorry for the war & peace

any tips ladies????

any would be grately arrpeciated


  • Hi....I think all lo's routines go belly up when they've been poorly.
    The only thing I can suggest is carry on putting him to bed at about 10 or 11 then after a few days bring it forward 15 minutes, then so on until his bedtime is at his normal time. If he's not settling with you in the room try standing just by the door then try and work it so you can stand outside the door til he settles. I know that would be harder for you as you have another to think of.
    Also a tricky one but when he's going to sleep at about 10-11 before you move it back to his normal time what about waking him in the morning at the time you want him up instead of letting him sleep..? I know that might backfire but at least it might help him get back into his day routine....?
    Sorry if I've not helped much....that's all I can suggest really. Good luck x
  • thanks 4 the ideas girls. got him sat on my knee as predicted with no sign of going to sleep.might try the waking him up early idea but its about the only thing we havent tried.
    wish me luck 4 2moro
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