1st birthday ideas

Its lukes 1st birthday in a few months and im so excited. just trying to think of nice activities to mark the day. i was thinking a trip to the farm on the morning then a tea party in the afternoon for family.

Just wondered what u ladies r planning or have done in the past for ur LOs 1st birthday?


  • Thought i'd pump this up cos I need ideas to xx
  • hi it'll be ds's first birthday on sunday and it's had to turn into a bit of a 3 day thing lol, mainly cos my mum and sister don't get on so...on saturday we're going to the zoo with my sister and her daughters, then on sunday my parents and my grandad are coming over for a bit of afternoon tea and peppa pig cake and then on monday i'm taking him to the local soft play with his other baby friends. OH's family all live in belium so we wont be seeing them, BIL is coming over at easter tho...and my brother lives in jersey with his wife and kids so also won't be seeing them. i'm a little bit sad because i wld love to have had the entire family together for his first birthday but it jsut doesn't work out that way for us, hopefully it'll be a great ay anyway and ds will enjoy it no matter who is there as long as me and his daddy are there he'll be happy enough xx
  • My lo was 1 a couple of weeks ago. The 3 of us went to the zoo for the day which was great fun and we had grandparents and my brother and nephew over for tea. We then saw all our baby friends the following day at music club.
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