evie isnt gaining enough weight :-(

just had evie weighed today she is 30wks and 15lb 7oz and just above 9th centile. if her weight hasnt improved when she is weighed again in 2wk, hv says they will need to rule out any possible medical probs,
anyone know what kind of medical probs that could be ?



  • Wasn't Evie born small...5lb?!
    Gabe was 9lb 1 at birth and he is now 19lb 9 so it is a similar weight gain to Evie, iyswim...because she started smaller she is not going to weigh as much as babies who were bigger at birth. Hvs don't seem to 'get' this.
    As long as she is gaining, and not losing, I'm sure she's fine hun, but it can be worrying can't it. Gabe is not gaining much weight now - maybe about 2oz a week. He's almost dropped a centile too - Apparently its normal at this age to slow down x
  • hi hun, yeah she was 5lb 8oz at birth so i wasnt expecting her to get really big, hv dont half make u worry,
    she did get to half way between 25th and 50th centile at 14wks but gradually dropped back down again,
    i told her she should be a lil pudding but she just blew razzies at me,lol.
  • For some reason HV seems to be obsessed by the 9th centile. If you think what it means, it is that 9% of babies are this weight or lower, so it isn't unusual, some babies are just naturally bigger than others! I know a fair few babies who are around this centile (and James was getting towards it at one point) and they are all just small babies, not ill. If she is happy and healthy it is probably just the HV fussing again. Hope she eats lots and puts on weight to put your mind at reset though, xxx
  • My faith 14,10 at 29 weeks but we had problems as she 8.6lbs at birth and about 6 weeks ago she started being sick she start to loss weight we have now found out that she allergic to milk so she on SMA LF milk she just under the 9th she bid end up nearly on the 2nd line when she lost weight. Does evie eat well does like her bottle ect
  • hi hun, she is bf so have no idea how much she takes, and eats about 1 anabel karmel cube for each meal (rarely finishing last few days) and has a quater slice if toast for finger food,
    i just thought as she is small i dont expect her to eat mass amounts, she is happy and smiley and sleeps through the night.
    having said all that tonight she eat all her dinner and a yogourt! trying not to pick her up now coz last time she eat this much she puked the lot back up! hopefully it stays down,lol my carpets cant take anymore of the kids throwing up! lol
  • i now the feel my carpet can not take any more too. They only started to worry about faith when she loseing the weight. They might just wont to keep an eye on her her weight gain try not to worry i am sure she just a
    small litte girl like my faith
  • thanks ladies, she kept her dinner down thankfully!

    caz ill be making more use of ur group on fb hun. xx
  • Hi hun, I'm sure Evie is just fine, esp if she's eating her solids as well as milk. It's just these hv's are obsessed with their weight charts! I think you would know yourself if she wasn't eating enough or if she was really underweight. She was only little when she was born, maybe she's just going to be petite, lucky girl!

    I think most hv's are just looking for something to do so they make normal things into problems!

  • hi i get stick from hv about luca he's around the 9th line too. but dont panic my bro was born 8lb 1oz and at two years now weighs 21lb 6oz wears a size 3 newborn nappy! hes very healthy just a skinny minni i cal him frodo baggypants as hs tiny got big feet n curly hair hehehehe
  • thanks again ladies, the hv is pretty bloody tiny herself, maybe i should get her weighed and check a chart,lol.
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