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my lo is just over 9 months old and has been weaned using purees. she is really good and will eat anything I give her. She eats finger foods really well but only if I hold them to her mouth. If I just leave her with them she picks them up and throws them on the floor.
How do you teach them to put it in their mouths themselves or is it just a case of time?


  • ooh i'd be interested in this, LO is 6 months and we have just started with finger food and most of it ends up on the floor!
  • Hi,

    I've just looked up in my BLW book. But I'm not sure it'll help!

    It says when they baby is older, they might try to cram loads in their mouths. Nothing about them throwing it on the floor!

    The key is obviously not to help them, but it does say when they are younger and solely getting nutrients from milk, they should start the BLW when they're not hungry. To learn the textures etc, and play/experiment with the food.

    I think it might be perseverence basically. Give a variety of things, and don't sit there watching baby. If it goes on the floor, it goes on the floor. If you can be eating at the same time, gives baby the chance to watch you. Also the book says you can continue giving a spoon of puree here and there. Which I'm guessing is necessary if your baby is weaned, but not eating the finger foods! Duh!

    Anyway, hope something there helps, and good luck. xx
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