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teeting at 6wks?what cani give her?

can i give her bonjela. i no its for 2months on but what can i give a 6wk old?


  • ashton &parsons? not sure on the age but i think its natural so may be better?
  • Dentinox teething gel can be used from birth, hope it helps.x
  • thankx girls. well her fangs are pushing threw.shes broke out in a teething rash all on her left side of her face(her left fang peekin threw).
    6wks? teethin?what is goin on?lol
  • I'm going through the same, my lo is getting 2 teeth through, has a rash on his cheek, and too make things even better he is full of a cough and cold, he's a really happy bunny (not!)
  • Hi with both my girls, they get a red blotchy rash on their cheeks, diarreah and a snuffly nose when teething its tha main way I know that they are, oh and a lot of dribbling my youngest has just got her first tooth at 5 and a half months but my eldest first started teething at 6 weeks and the only thing I coud really help her with was freezing cold water on her gums, boiled first then put in the fridge. Hope this helps xx
  • i no what your going through my son was born with 2 teeth and it was a nightmere i used the ashton powders on him and they seemed to work well for him
  • I find the Teetha powder to be very good xxx
  • Hi all ,new to these forums but been reading a few and got some good tips i think my lo is teething at the mo but people keep saying he seems a bit young (12 weeks) but obviosly not after reading these posts. I have given him nelsons teetha granuals and they seem to work wonders quietens him straight away.No teeth through yet but he woke with a rash this morning and is dribbling for england and biting everyones fingers, poor little miteimage
  • My son responded well to homeopathy for teething. I'm hesitant to say which remedy because I think there are about 12 different ones that might be appropriate depending on exactly what symptoms/behaviour she's exhibiting - is she irritable, pale, overheated, dribbly etc.
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