in tears

bloody Lion King! It gets me every time! :cry: :lol: :roll:

Why are Disney films so sad????


  • tell me about it i cry at disney films
  • I've decided that my boy will not be watching Bambi, I can't make my way through that one.

    And lets not get started on Dumbo!
  • oh my god took a little 4 year old to the movies to see that and me and me mate were in tears-little girl was fine and thought we were a bit odd! Exactly the same thing with the Hunchback of Notre Dame (sp?). Tried to look cool like I had something in my eye but Sophie was way too smart. Can't help it! x
  • lol, I know what you mean.. I watched Finding Nemo yesterday and couldn't believe how sad the beginning was- sob!
  • haha! bless you, i thought it was guna be something serious. I ALWAYS cry at that film too! i'm really really soft mind, i cry at anything!
  • I can't bear the thought of Lily watching sad films when she's a bit bigger if they affect her as much as they do her mummy! I'm going to have to vet everything first!

    I have no faith in film ratings these days, either - not since the latest Batman was deemed a PG - omfg image
  • PinkToothbrush coundn't agree more oh and I have said we'll have to go to the movies first to check em over before Alf goes anywhere near em! Hanncock was the sameas Batman with the f word all over the place and a 12A!
  • I cant manage Disney either!

    Even got to a point (before I met Paul) that I used to sit there and scream at the Disney Princesses that in real life they wouldnt have met their prince then cry at the happy endings pmsl!!!

    Now I cry at everything - The Dark Knight I cried at coz I loved Heath Ledger and hated the fact he'd died and the last film I cried at was Seven Pounds with Will Smith - OMG I loved it.

    The oldies are the still the goodies tho- The Champ anyone lol

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