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Hi there. A very good friend in New Zealand is expecting a baby girl in January 2011 which is high summer over there. I had a winter baby so he was bundled up from the get go and I'm not sure how many/few layers of clothes would be appropriate for a baby born in the middle of the summer? I'm wanting to get her some baby clothes - can you help me with what you put your baby in when he/she was newborn? Are full body sleep suits too hot?



  • We found this year June/July, our newborn only needed a short sleeved babygro/vest or nothing but a nappy. As it has been less hot during august she has worn sleepsuits at night, and more outfits in the day, or just a babygro plus socks. We did get some presents that were vertbaudet and very light cotton that were suitable in hot weather but tbh we couldn't really be bothered with outfits in the first couple of months anyway.
  • Toby's cousin Grace was born in Melbourne the week before he was, so in high summer for them. Her mum just had her in a nappy and then sort of swaddled in a muslin square when it was really hot and otherwise just in a singlet.

    We were given some beautiful muslin wraps as a gift which we never used - they were from people who happened to live in Melbourne as well and perhaps forgotten about the whole northern hemisphere thing - but if I had had a summer baby they would have been brilliant. They were much bigger than usual muslin squares and a more sheer muslin - I'll see if I can find a website with something like that on them.
  • BabyStar has these (you can buy online and get delivered to her):

    They aren't quite the same as the ones I was talking about but similar and some cute patterns etc.
  • We had a lot of wee romper suits for day and then swaddled in just a nappy at night. Once it got down to 20 we used sleepsuits. Am dreading winter as suspect he's too used to being warm!!!
  • Jensen wore rompers through June and July x
  • Rompers should be fine. They have some lovely ones at lip fish x x
  • I put Islay in a pretty lightweight cotton dress and a nappy most days then she just slept in a vest (our house gets really hot!)

    Verdaubet as mentioned above have some lovely lightweight outfits and at the moment all the summer stuff is on sale...make sure you enter a discount code as there are loads available at the mo...there should be one on the home page.
  • Im due again in Jan and Im in Sydney. If they have air conditioning it will probably be on for sleeping and their daughter will likely be in long sleeve sleepsuits (mine will be in the aircon). Other than that I dont forsee my daughter wearing much clothing for those first few months except vests and shorts or short sleeve bodysuits.

    Before I left I bought my son (BIN 09) a fantastic wetsuit from Mike's Diving. When the weather started to cool it was great to put him in that in the pool cos it meant he could stay in longer without his lips turning blue (like his cousin's were who was in there nude!)

    I think they are a great gift - especially for oz or nz. Great price and fantastic quality. Here is a link:

    This is the one I bought and it's brilliant:

    There are a few others available too:

    Baby Gap and Next are also great for baby girls and although Gap is just opening in Oz I dont think it's in NZ. It's nice to have clothes that no one else has (I always sent my nieces clothes from there before I left the uk - mostly bought in the summer sales). You could just buy some things that are 3-6 months or older.

  • Romper suits, definitely - they're brilliant for summer babies (I've had two, June and July). I did still use sleepsuits, but not that much, so probably not really the thing they need as a present.
  • Magic, thanks everyone. I was so paranoid about making sure Hugo was warm in the winter that I can't quite get my head around having a newborn baby wearing only a nappy!!
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