any bargains on nappies or wipes?

I am now running out of my previous Asda bulk buys of nappies and wetwipes, has anyone seen any that are on offer? or know when the next asda baby event is?

Thank You!


  • ah glad u asked this, although, i can't help i'm afraid, but i was wondering if asda still do those really cheap packs of newborn nappies? i swear i remember reading on here a number of times that they were like a pack for ??1.50 of the new arrival ones, but couldn't see them instore today, mind u that particular store never has anything in...xx

    ps the asda baby event was only a bout a month ago, so think it'll be a good 3-4 months, prob around october, and tesco's was just ebfore, so prob about the same time x
  • it depends what brands you use I think but my brother orders his from Tesco Direct and he seems to get a good deal. They use huggies. He just gets it delivered to his local store and picks it up.
  • I do my grocery shopping online with Asda and they still have all of the nappies and wipes on offer on their webiste image
  • ah brill thanks ladies x
  • boots have huggies wipes for a ??1 each, they are fab, tesco has them on bogof but thats not as good
  • about a week ago mothercare had a deal on babywipes-pampas sensitive- I don't know if it is still on, but I got a large box of wipes for ??7
  • blimmey a get down to boots then....quick march!!!
  • we have a drawer full :lol:
  • I saw them still on offer in Mothercare today - 9 packs of Huggies Pure or Pampers Sensitive for ??6.99!

    Em x
  • The huggies pure are cheaper in asda two multipacks of 4 for ??6. And got two boxes of 100huggies newborn nappies for ??18 x
  • I always get mine from Asda, although my local Onestop had the Huggies Pure wipes for 99p each hte other day so I snapped them up! x
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