december 2nd!! secret santa!!

have just realised the date!!

should we all be opening these today?

S.Y.!! do you need to give us the shout where/when/why/how etc????????

i have been soooooooo good with no shaking etc!!


  • have no idea whats happening as a few of us haven't recieved them yet, i don't even think S.Y has recieved hers either x
  • oh yeh i totaly forgot it was today!! how exciting... though i have a confession.... evie ripped off the corner of mine :O (the wrapping not the actual prezzie) so theres a tiny gap - but ive not peeped and still dont know what it is!
  • oh dear!!

    didnt realise some not got!

    well, no prob, i can wait!!

    come on Mr Postman, get a move on!
  • there are three people not recieved theirs yet... me, mrsj, and beduff..... but I dont mind other people opening thiers this aft and guessing who sent them image

    Say about 2pm ish......
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