Whole fruits?

Can Los have whole fruits like apples and pears? Gabe loves fruit and if I 'start' an apple for him he quite likes it ... makes faces at the sour-ness (we only eat granny smiths!) but still eats it haha. I'd never given them before but Gabe is a fruit thief and whenever I have fruit he has to have it. I thought they were a choking hazard ... are they?


  • Lol it looks so cute when they eat whole fruits doesnt it! I used to let Gabe have things like that and raw carrot sticks before he had teeth cos it was just a teething aid and like you say, he couldn't get anything off so it wasn't a choking risk.
  • We get Kyra the fruit bars from health food shops. They are 100% fruit in a chewy bar, and she loves them. We break it up into little pieces and roll them into small balls and she could sit there for ages choping on them. They come in all the different fruits from strawberry-apple-blueberry-banana-passionfruits. xox
  • I buy mini pears in a bag for Charlotte. i peel them when they have ripened and are very sweet and she has the whole thing. she doesn't always eat it all. I think she likes the feeling of gnawing it too esp when teething. I also buy mini bananas for kids and give her a whole one of those. Other fruits I give her slices.
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