Wee man not himself and being sick a lot - Any ideas

Not sure whats wrong with him he has always been a good sleeper and never been one for being sick he has been in a routien since 10 days old only waking once for a feed in the night.

But for the last three days he has been drinking less than normal, he has been throwing up about half of what he has been drinking, he is waking for his next feed 2 hours earlier than normal, then waking up again three hours later by which point its 1am having another feed then is staying awake, hes crying and unsettled for the rest of the night till about 6 in the morning nothing seems to calm him down.

He also seems to have a cold and is all blocked up, so is having trouble breathing properly at night as well.


  • Oh dear, how old is he? Im having problems too, they think its silent reflux as she is never sick but wont feed after 1oz.

    Have you contacted your hv/gp? x x x

    he is 5 weeks old, it could be reflux but i just remember it being a lot worse as justin had it really bad, i have the midewife coming round tomorrow at last she was due on monday and called at 6.45 this evening to apologise and say she will be round tomorrow. i hope its not reflux or milk alargies again as they were a nightmare to deal with
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