Long shot I know but maybe a be meet for everyone???????



  • even the train would be out for me to get to birmingham - its only 3 1/2 hours, but its 3 changes....... to get a flight anywhere i'd have to get to manchester first......(which is an hour an half away on a straight through train if I'm lucky enough to get one of those)

    I could try and get OH to take me, but he's already fed up of meeting people with me as its not his 'kind of thing' ....
    staying over wouldn't be possible for me either... (and I know I sound difficult :lol: )

  • now this may sound really silly, maybe save up sun holiday tokens and have a huge BE meet at a certain location with oh's and all kids lol
  • I think this is a great idea but would take lots of careful planning and will always leave some members struggling!I have to agree with mummystephe that Manchester would be better for me!I cant drive and dont like the idea of public transport any great distance with lo haha!
    Maybe as Sando suggested a meet in a location over a day or so,with ohs or friends if single mummies!!!!?????.....Isnt it a bloody shame we all just dont live close to each other lol x
  • I would be up for birmingham or manchester, London is way too far for me though im afraid.
    If it proves to difficult there could always be a North and South meet up. I know its not exactly the same thing but it would still be fun
  • Maybe if we put up half the cost 7& prima baby puts up the other half or could we ask a place to do it for free and then say we put tickets on and everyone pays so much a ticket and then give that to charity, you never know some places are up for that, we did it for my cousin who has sisticfibrosis (cant spell sorry) and everyone was hapy to cater etc so long as everyone paid for tickets xxxx
  • i know it'd be a huge task but i love a project/challenge, and with support from you guys i'd happily take on the task of arranging something?

    Obviously i'd always be asking on here for your input and suggestions, keep you updated with my ideas..... i'd love to!!

    that's of course if you guys would like me to?
  • ooh this does sound fab!! Birmingham would be good although i would probably bring my oh as its a fair way to travel and i wouldn't want to be on my own (i get a bit shy!) xx
  • Its sounds like a great idea! But again I think it would be hard to do. For me it would have to be at the weekend so oh could come. Theres no way Im traveling 3 plus hours with my 3 on my own!! Esp if we have to get the train! Maybe we could do it in a few months when the weather gets warmer and then weve got more choice of where to go. Also then it gives us a chance to plan it properly! x
  • Did Tallkatie not mention a garden party at hers a while ago? id be up for that! x
  • I can facepaint! So I could bring those along for older Kiddies.. Defo would like to come but not that confident driving on my own (atm) with a little one in the back and my blood is a bit low and i'm a bit wobbley and fell over getting up out of bed yesterday.. so would have to see when the final agreed place is! x
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