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Amber teething necklaces

Hi, has anyone used these for teething relief? I bought one which arrived yesterday and Hugo has been wearing it ever since and I'm just wondering how long it takes to start working? We have an added complication in that Hugo has a nasty cold and temperature at the moment which seems to be making everything worse.

If anyone has used the necklace, can you let me know how you got on and whether it worked for you.


Peeptoe and Hugo (20+5)

ps if you don't know what I'm talking about, here is a link with info. Clearly I'm not endorsing the product or the seller as I don't know if it works yet!!


  • Hmmmm seems a bit far fetched to me! I hope Hugo feels better though image is he just not interested in a teether or anything? X
  • Double post aargh!

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  • How wierd...just came on here to post the exact same thing!! I read about them when pg and then remembered about them in the middle of the night last night!! Will be very interested to see what people think.

    I think I read that they take a couple of weeks to start working and thats with continuous wear as it takes that long for the amber to get into LO's system?? - Might have dreamt it though!

    Liz x
  • hollie has one and it does help. we wernt sure about them at first until i saw the results on my neice. when she started teething she was grumpy all the time and constanly drooling but from the moment she put it on, she perked up and the drooling stopped! she put it on when she was 3 months old and will be taking it off for the first time in 3 weeks for my wedding at 2 years old!

    its definalty worth trying but make sure you get pure amber
  • Do you take it off for bath/swimming??
  • i take hollies off every nightand for the bath but most people just keep theirs on. water wont damage it

  • Where did you get yours from? I don't live in UK so do you know of anywhere on tinternet I can order one?

    Sorry to hijack your post peeptoe x
  • My Husband's cousin also tried one of these on her daughter and she didnt have to use any teething gel at all. The red cheeks dissapered the drooling stopped etc. Worth a try? mybutler you can also buy them from Amazon. xx
  • I'm just waiting on mine to arrive. I have high expectations as I've heard great things. A couple of tips:
    - make sure it's Baltic Amber
    - avoid the chip style beads as these can dig into the skin and be uncomfortable
    - check that there are knots between each bead (so if it breaks only one bead comes off
    - check necklace will break if pulled too hard/has magnetic clasp
    - don't let baby sleep in it for safety reason (can always double it over and put on their ankle under sleepsuit)
    - advised to take off in bath as soap etc can adhere to the beads and reduce their efficacy

    hope that helps
  • Thanks everyone. Hugo has now worn his for just over 24 hours and it may be a coincidence, but he has been much better today. He was crying alot this morning when he first woke up but he's normally not the greatest at that time anyway. He has napped well today, the drooling is SO much less and his cheeks have gone back to a normal colour. Maybe it's just his cold or bug that he has had finally leaving his system which is making him feel better, but I have definitely noticed a difference.

    I kept it on him overnight as I figured that that is the time he needs help the most and he wore it in the birth as we don't use soap. He hasn't noticed he's even wearing it.

    So I have to say, while I'm not totally convinced, he does seem a bit better today. Will keep it on for a week or so and see how he goes.

    Mybutler, I got mine from an internet company so you should have no trouble finding one. Having googled it, they seem quite popular in the states and Europe.
  • Bumped for Clair. xx
  • I always wondered what those necklaces for babies were lol How old can they be used for? Leo is 1 is that ok? i would be interested to see if it worked or not xx
  • Our lo wears one at 4 months. I think they can be used for as long as they are teething, so would think aged 1 would be fine. We noticed a change after around 48hours xx
  • would a bracelet work as well do you think?
  • thanks mithical going to order one now

  • Summer76, would have thought that a bracelet would work as well, as long as it is baltic amber, but you may have to be a bit more vigilant with it being where lo can see it. Around the neck, she forgets it's there, and we put it around her ankle at night. Hth xx
  • thats brilliant thanks honey - i was thinking about keeoing it on his ankle all the time but i guess you are right he will just forget about the necklance - thanks x x
  • Hugo has now been wearing his for about 10 days and I really have noticed a difference. Much less drooling and the flush on his cheeks has gone down. He has been wearing his as a necklace and he is yet to notice it's even there. He doesn't fiddle with it or anything. He has discovered his feet and hands so he can't wear it on his wrists or ankles or he'd rip it off or try to eat it! I also thought I had read somewhere that it's effective as a necklace because it's proximate to where the pain occurs - ie. worn around the neck to soothe the jaw/face/ears.

    I don't normally go in for this type of 'voodoo' but I actually think this is doing something!

    Peeptoe and Hugo (21+5)
  • Really glad to hear that it's working for Hugo. Pops has definitely got less rosy cheeks after 5 days, although the drooling is yet to subside. She didn't have it on last night as it came off her ankle when daddy was changing her, and her cheeks were red again this morning, She has also been more unsettled again today, and think that it is definitely related. Will be interesting to see how she is again tomorrow after wearing it again today xx
  • Leah has worn one from 4 months shes 14 months now and we have only had one bad time with teething this week actually the necklace is suitable until 2 years then you get the next size up i think they are brill i got mine off ebay.
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