anyone have to give their babies food early (before 4 months)? i know what all the books say but my baby is going off the milk and will refuse to take much milk at all any more. she is only taking enough to satisfy her hunger initially but it is not satisfying her anymore. hv said i cant put her onto SMA white until she is at least 6 months so i dont know what to do. every feed is a battle to get her to take anymore than 2 oz at a time.


  • my friend started her little boy on foods as he would refuse milk he was prem tho 8 wks early. but it ok to start weaning them at 4months. he was on solid by from about 6 months and my son was only just eating foods at 6months as he wouldnt before hand.
  • i've just started today but it's not very early really lol he's 16 weeks tomorrow, i'm having the same problem with his milk, it's a battle to get 25oz a day down him, if he had his way he'd only have 15oz and thats not a lot for an 18lb baby so i have a constant battle every feed with him, he used to take 38oz a day!!! i bought some little jars of hipp baby food today and he LOVES the rice pudding and then took 6oz straight after..this has happened twice!! i only give him about 10 small spoons of it and most of it ends up round his mouth but for some reason it's made him take his milk...how happy am i!! lol x
  • she was nearly 8 weeks early too. she isnt in any pain just refuses to take the milk. she is then starting to get hungry after an hour or so.

    spoke to the health visitor about it and her advice was to give her a dummy. when i have tried this when she realises nothing is coming out she spitts it out and cries even more.

    my mum says that i was exactly the same when i was a baby and the health visitor said i was fine but i wasnt putting on weight. she spoke to the doctor who told her to give me food at 10 weeks.

  • Mrsjosbourne - this is what usually happens, I dont know why but it makes them hungrier at first! very weird, I think your lo will be similar to Evan, he went like that and is now just a wanting food baby and I struggle to get 8-10ozs in him but some bubs are like that.

    I just be a bit careful when starting before 4 months even if premmie as it can still cause a lot of wind and straining twhen weaning too early, but ask your hv and maybe start very slow at first, only you know whats best end of the day
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