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Hey ladies

Any tips on how to swap from bottles to beakers for milk? Dylan has 2 bottles a day and were keen to switch him from these to 2 beakers a day instead.

We tried this evening he point blank refused the beaker, screamed in protest and took no milk. Its like he's scared of it, but he will take juice from it during the day. We will try again in the morning when he is less tired but wondered if anyone had any tips on how to make the transition easier? I did try covering the beaker but its the teat or lack of it he hated, we even tried letting him play with it but nothing worked!

Please help :\?



  • For us I left it out as a toy. I didn't put anything in it and I didn't push her to play with it, I just let her find it and play with it in her own time. Shortly after that I started putting water in it.
  • Could you start drinking out of it? It might encourage him to copy! x
  • what age is he? maybe he dosnt like it could you take the top off and let him sip out of it as an adult glass? i had my first dd drinking out of a plastic cup without a lid from 4 months and by 1 year old she was fit to lift it and control the amount going into her mouth herself where most babys cant do this to at least 18-20 months old, my dd2 is now 4 1/2 months and is drinking well from her cup, i refuse to teach them how to use a dodie cup and then reteach them to drink from a glass, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone?
  • Cath both me and hubby tried that he laughed at us :lol: may persrvere though and see if it helps.

    Mn88 will try that but he will drink juice from it, he just point blank refuses to take milk from it. Maybe he's just being stubborn :\(
  • no2bump he's 8 1/2 months. its only for milk he doesn't like it but we may try lid off if this continues, it has handles though does this matter?

  • My son was the same when we tried it, would happily take water froma beaker but not milk. How I got him to do it in the end was to give him milk in it at times when he was expecting water. If it was milk time, and he saw the beaker, he'd get cross, but during the day he'd be happy to drink from the beaker - so I;d just put a little bit of milk in it at meal times, and he'd try it (thinking it was water) - if he was expecting a bottle of milk though he wouldn't try the beaker - it took a bit of perseverence (a week or two) but he soon realised that actually milk from a beaker was ok and started drinking more and more from it
    I'd still offer the bottles at the normal times too until he was drinking it ok from the beaker, to make sure he was getting enough. He gave up bottles completely at 11 months.

    A bit of a faff and won't necessarily work for you, but it's what worked for us.
  • Thank you sunflower! I'll try that certainly. This morning was as big of a disaster as last night, he point blank refused his beaker eve3n when I took the lid off!

    I will perservere but im really at a loss!
  • ive always given mine a special beaker for milk on first birthday a different one than the juice one they still have a special milk mug for breakfast and before bed and wont have juice or anything in it and they are 7 6 and 3 LOL
  • I was about to post the same thing about using a different beaker for milk to what you use for anything else. We changed from bottle to Tommee Tippee first cup (without handles, water cup has handles) 1 feed at a time so I knew even if he didn't drink his morning one at all, he would still have milk later in the day. We ditched the bedtime bottle once he was drinking all his morning one from the beaker. I didn't offer lo his bottle if he didn't drink it from the beaker. He was a bit older than your lo though at 10 months.
  • Hi g/c.I saw this on the home page.When i put my ds and dd on beaker they were the same.So i bit on the teat bit as i thought as its hard maybe they didn't like it.I made marks with my teeth so it wasn't totally smooth and it worked a treat with mine and i have given this tip to most of my friends and ti all worked for them,I hope this helps for you.x
  • Me again!

    I just read this in my Baby Whisperer Book...

    "Start by offering two cups of liquid at his meal. In one, have an Oz of the liquid you've been giving him (jiuce or water) and in the other pour 2 oz of milk. After he has a sip of the water/juice, take that cup away and try to give him the milk. If he refuses, leave it and try an hour later. Try sitting him on your knee for a drink.

    Be persistent, make it fun and don't think of it as something your LO needs to learn IMMEDIATELY."


  • Thanks ladies

    Well today has been a little more successful he's had 3/4 of a beaker throughout the day and then another quarter at bedtime. He did have a protest at bedtime but he at least took some.

    Its not helpful that he's teething so his food intake is down anyway, however beaker has helped in the sense he can at least chew on it image

    I will literally try any method to make this as easy as possible for him, I thought we'd have this issue when we got rid of the dummy but that wasn't even missed! Thank you ladies for all your suggestions more are always welcome

  • I didn't stop my ds1 until he was a bit older he was 11 months and took the bottle one nigh and then a pancake and a drink of milk from the cup the next no bother, he took a cup during the day from about 17 weeks just wee sips but was always used to it, ds2 however still stuck to the boob as of 2 hours ago still reusing a bottle as of 5 hours ago still refusing a cup lol

    good luck xx i think if you keep doing what your doing, offering him the cup and then giving the bottle too he wont see it as the 'enemy' and will hopefully eventually take the milk from it so wont need it from the bottle xx
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