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Rice cakes

Why has my DS decided to try to start to try to get all the rice cake in at once?? :\?

The first time he did it was with one of the smaller Organix rice cakes. He make himself sick. Then today he tried it with one of the slightly larger Hipp Organic ones (which he has never done it with before!)

I have to say that one I did grab, and break up. I didn't want to see his lunch again!

Why do they do it?! xx


  • because they're dafties? lol emmy-lee does it too hun, or at least she used to, she seems to have stopped it after a couple of weeks of doing it.

    hopefully it's just a new thing trying to see hwat he can manage etc and he;ll soon stop doing it hun x
  • Thanks.

    He has started picking up all the finger food, and trying to put more than one thing in too. As we're not BLW'd I do tend to give him one thing at a time! xx
  • yeah emmy likes to have something in each hand but has progressed from trying to eat it all at once to alternating bites now, but she has had finger food mostly from 6 month as you know.

    sounds like james is getting to good grips with his finger foods now hun! now he just needs to work on his portion control haha
  • I can't get him to eat veg as a finger food! I need to buy some different things I think! xx
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