BLW - Eating Out

I have an issue in that whenever we eat out - DS never really eats anything as he is quite bad at dropping food on the first attempt. At home this is fine as I put a sheet under his highchair and then give him back whatever he drops - but I can't do this when out.

I end up resorting to giving him food piece by piece and putting it straight in his mouth - but he doesn't like that and refuses to eat.

Does anyone have any ideas ??? Thanks.

K x


  • That's a toughie. Unfortunately putting it in his mouth defeats the object of BLW anyway. As does not giving them a choice of things for them to independently pick up/choose. Which I'm sure is partly what you are getting at, as well as the dropping the food.

    Wish I had an answer all that is going through my head is try to catch it, or give say 3 different things on the highchair etc, and let him choose. If it gets dropped it gets dropped. Sorry that's probably no help at all, as you'd need a huge container of different foods. :roll:

    Hope someone has a more sensible idea for you. xx
  • we use the bibs with sleeves in and tuck the bottom back up in front of her so it makes a bit of a pouch iykwim and most things she drop go in there and she just fishes them back out again.
    when we started out i'd just give one bit of each thing as i found the more i gave her the more so threw on the floor, but that stage will pass quickly
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