Finger food????

just keep giving them her millie is nearly 7 months and eats some stuff when shes in the mood cheese on toast is a big hit! but alot of the time she just plays with it or feeds it to the dog! but hv says thats all part of it them feeling the texture and stuff and eventually it should end up in their mouths. millie also loves rusks and cubes on cheese. x x


  • I think they just vary so much as to when they are ready and how keen they are. If I were you I would keep offering different types of food, but make it really low-pressure, so that she can take as much or as little as she wants. If you eat at the same time you are setting the example for her.

    Bethany is 7 1/2 months, we gave her finger foods at 6 months and the first few times she really didn't know what to do but she gained confidence quite quickly and is eating loads of finger foods now. Rice cakes and rusks were the first things that she really got to grips with!
  • hey babe when i saw you and beauuuuuuuuuuuutifil imiya the other week i think i remember you saying she was mainly breast fed. daisy took well to finger foods at 6 months but shed been weaned from 4 months so it may be bit early for her to grasp the concept of eating toast. the organix carrot stix are great though cus they so easy for them to hold suck and they like the colour. sticks of cheese are easy too. i think the fact that she sucked it when you held it is great so id carry on letting her enjoy the taste and texture she will pick up in her own time and im sure she will get hang of it by watching ashton love keely x
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