am I doing enough with DD (10 weeks)

Hi folks
I am starting to get a bit paranoid about not doing enough out of the house/activities with DD. She is 10 weeks and it's only really the past week or so that I'm feeling she can tolerate enough awake time or stimulation to cope with groups etc is that fairly normal or not?
We do baby massage on a Thursday afternoon which she copes with ok, though usually spends some time feeding or being carried but they all do so that's not a problem lol.
We tried baby and toddlers on a Friday morning but it was awful (dirty toys, incredibly cliquey unfriendly women) so I have a couple of others to try but probs won't have anything regular for a couple of weeks or until we get thru their waiting lists. Am down for Baby Sensory on a Monday morning but again won't start til she's 12 weeks old ish.
We go to granny and grandads, have visitors, I take her out in the sling every afternoon for a walk or a stop in a cafe etc and we do loads of play in her chair/mats etc - does this sound enough or should I be getting her out more?
She seems to be developing in leaps and bounds but I'm just worried that most folk have much more on with their babies and I'm letting her down somehow. I had a C section so it's only really been a few weeks I've felt well enough myself to really get out much anyway...She also has silent reflux so feeding is difficult some days which restricts our 'outside time' too.


  • That all sounds fine! She's learning/absorbing from just being around you. Anything else is a bonus at that age. xx
  • You're doing loads - don't worry.

    I started taking LO here...

    ... once a week from about 10 weeks. She loves it and we're still going now at eight months.

    I've met loads of other Mums and everyone's really friendly. The toys and things are all cleaned and sterilised and it's just lovely. You can join in as much as you like or stop and have a feed if you need to, it's very relaxed.

    If there's a class in your area I'd really recommend it.

    B x
  • Ahhh cute, I remember the days!! Baby needs nothing really other than you, milk, sleep and a little bit of daydreaming.
  • image thanks girls - dollywotsit - thats my instinct too but I feel bad when I hear folk out every day doing stuff - but I also know that would stress DD out totally...
  • I remember all the new mums were so competitive, where they went and what they did, oh you know out for dinner on way home from hospital practically. You just go at your own pace and these early days are so precious, you can do all those things any old time and nothing matches snuggling up with your newborn anyway.
  • Don't worry!! As others have said you're doing loads. I remember feeling the same when Toby was your LO's age but honestly they are so little then and really just need to eat and sleep. Enjoy it while it lasts - Toby stays awake for 3 hours at a time now and that's a lot of entertaining, fun but exhausting!
  • Definitely enjoy the snuggling - I'd love to have a day just sitting around cuddling and feeding again, it seems like so long ago now.

    And don't worry about what other Mums are doing. Just do what's right for you - I can remember not leaving the house for days sometimes!

    B x
  • thanks girls that makes me feel a lot better. Off to join the library with her this morning and get her Bookstart books, see if she feels like doing the Rhyme Time, but won't stress to much about it then, you've all made me feel much better image xx
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