smear test - how long after baby?

i was due one after a found out i was pregnant, how long do i have to wait if at all?


becca and jacob
11 weeks, 4 days


  • not sure if there is a limt, altho obv after u've stopped bleeding, i ahd my smear when ds was 3.5months old xx
  • Hi

    I was as well and was told at my 6week check up that I can book it in and have it as soon as he reached 12weeks (OOPS!) I forgot to book it as he is now 14weeks. Must fit it in sometime soon.
  • thanx ladies x
  • I am the same as you Becca, was due just after BFP. My doc said to wait six months after giving birth as before that it can show up funny results....Sounds completely different to the other ladies though????


    P.S This was in the the UK
  • Gp told me 3 months. I've just had the joy of mine. Can't believe how quickly they come round. Really last thing I wanted to do after labour, but come home to find that letter waiting for me - grr!
  • I was due one when I was pregnant too, and at my 6 week check my doctor told me just to wait until I've had my first period then I can book in for the smear.
  • g/cing i had my last smear at my 6 week check after dd was born! i live in N.Ireland though and they def do things differantly!
  • Im from Northern Ireland as well but my gp told me to wait at least 3 months because the results can come back with things showing up, lo is 5 months and I am going for my first on Friday.
  • I was due one but then I got pregnant but I was told to wait until after four months after having Livvy.
  • again i was due one while pregnant and i had it done at 6 week check up. I live in scotland.
  • I was due whilst pregnant but surgery made me wait 6 months after giving birth otherwise it could have come back abnormal for no reason.

    Oh joy!, anyway, done and came back normal within 10days!

    Bets X
  • I'm from Northern Ireland as well and I was told that it used to be that you had them at your 6 week check, but that they were finding more coming back abnormal so early after giving birth. I was told to wait 3/4 months and then book it.

    RickiD & Harry 27 days xx
  • I was due when pregnant, naughty me have put it off, and off and off. Having it in 2 weeks . Lo will be 6 months on dot x
  • I've never had one! I'm only just 21 and told that I will still not need one until after I'm about 24?? I'm a bit annoyed about it, as my Mum had cervical cancer and I'm always worrying!
  • Hi I was told 12 weeks and I had one at this time - all went just fine x
  • I had one when lo was 12 weeks old. Unfortunately it came back abnormal and I needed treatment. Its definitely worth having one as soon as you can. Its annoying how inconsistent it seems to be in diffferent parts of the country x
  • I got a letter when I was overdue so ignored it and meant to ask when he was born then I got a phone call asking me why I hadn't made an appointment (think they are a bit strict here!!) so I told them I had just had a baby and they said oh right and hung up. I have got my 6 week check tomorrow so will ask then when I can have one.
  • I was due one a couple of weeks after finding out I was pregnant, and when I asked at my 6 week check they said to leave it until baby was 3 months so everything has settled down or you can get abnormal results because you've just had a baby rather than because anything is wrong. I had it when he was 5 months I think.
  • I've never had one! I'm only just 21 and told that I will still not need one until after I'm about 24?? I'm a bit annoyed about it, as my Mum had cervical cancer and I'm always worrying!

    thats rubbish i have had 3 already and i'm 25 image i think with your family history i would be stomping my feet at the desk :lol: not that there that great mind you x
  • I got mines at my 6week app.I was due one anyway this it my 2nd one and am 22 and I live in result came back normal.
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