Fao SuzMcH

Hi hun, just wanted to check if you saw my reply to your post about the car seat? The site was playing up saying there were no replies so I just wanted to check.


  • Yep I did thanks. Didn't have time this weekend but planning a trip to Halfords to look at it next weekend. Is it quite big and bulky, hubby seems to think they all look huge and that "we're bound to find a smaller one". S xx
  • It's pretty small actually, not nearly as bulky as the Bebe Confort seat Millie has. It takes up quite a bit of room behind the seat when it is rearward facing but other than that it's quite neat. I'm 5ft 8in and drive a small car and it still fits behind my drivers seat so it can't be that big!!
  • Thanks, we're def gonna look at it next weekend. S x
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