tmi sorry cervix post birth?

Sorry, but I'm stressing and was wondering has anyone else found their cervix to be really really low after birth. Granted babe is only 2 weeks old, but my cervix I found quite by accident is probably only an inch from the exit so to speak. Please someone tell me this will return to something like it was before. How can dh and I resume any sort of bedroom activities with my cervix in the way. Should I see the gp, or is it too early?

Thank you



  • I would go and see your GP as that sounds like it might be a prolapse. I'm really not sure if that's normal 2 weeks post birth but it can't do any harm checking. xxx
  • Hi, try not to worry, it may not be your cervix, your pelvic floor may be weak so it may be your bladder. Ive got a mild prolapse and you can feel my bladder at the top of the entrance! I would mention it at your check up, but 2 weeks is really early to be worrying. A word of advice, do your pelvic floor exercises, this may help! I didnt do mine!! Maybe why i have a slight prolapse!! xx
  • I had my 6 week check and when they tried to do my smear they couldnt find my cervix??? i think strange things must happen. Dont worry but mention it to midwife/hv or doc

    Gemm x
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