It is 11.25 and my daghter is still in bed


I actually think I have the most amazing baba.

Grace is so good. (sorry for those of you that aren't having such a great time but I feel the need to gloat)

She is 4 months old now and from the age of about 9 weeks she has gone through the night 12 hours minimum.
She normally goes to bed about 9 as daddy works shifts she he gets to see her as well, and she sleeps right through till near on 10.
Last week she went to bed at 9.30pm and I had to wake her up at 11.45!!!

Lazy madam.


  • I would like to say something really nice but jealousy permits me from doing so lol

    No, seriously that is fab and must be amazing at the weekend!!!
  • You would of thought so, but i am always still up at 8.

    I have tried getting her out of bed about 9 but the little madam looks at me, smiles and just goes back to sleep.
  • My lo did not wake up until 8.45 this morning (she's 10 and half months). Normally it's about 7.30 she wakes so we had a little lie-in!! (Except oh who had to be up at 5.15 to catch a train)!
  • My Boy is still in bed too, went to bed last night about 10.30pm though as he refused to go to bed on time!
  • wow.that must be nice for you. just shows how different each baby is
  • i. hate. you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so unfair! my best friend's daughter has been like this from no age & i have ellie who needs no sleep hmmmmmm not fair!xxx
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