Activity Station or jumperoo?

As the title says which would you get.? My twins are fast approaching 4 months and can hold themselves up well. I intend to get one and a door bouncer for variety. Which would you choose?

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  • Beth absolutely loves her Jumperoo. I would say it's one of the best things we've bought. I don't know of any babies who don't love it!

  • Mine loved his Jumperoo - though I know many that swear by activity stations. If you're getting a door bouncer anyway - then I'd possibly go activity station as they will already be able to bounce in the door bouncer. We got the jumperoo instead of the door bouncer as it saved having a doorway blocked with it regularly or having to put it up/take it down so we could use the doorway.
  • I have both - A Jumperoo and a Little Tikes Exersaucer (which looks like this She enjoys both equaly. I wld say the seat is better in the Jumperoo for a younger baby as it is more supportive (I used my jumperoo from 4 mths old) but I dont think I cld have used the Little Tikes exersaucer from 4 mths!
  • Jumperoo!!! it was the best thing we could have got Aiden!! have kept it for the next baby!!xx worth every penny!!
  • Hi we have both and lo loves both we have a baby einstien that we are borrowing from SIS and I got a jumperoo off ebay. LO loves them both at different times of the day (jumperoo not so good when they have just had a bottle my lo bounces that much it makes him sick!!!). Einstien has lots of things to stimulate him. If you have room I would prob try and get both second hand from ebay if you can. The jumperoo is a great way for thewm to excercise and strengthen there legs. HTH XXxx
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