day 3 of pupd - HELP!

He wont stop crying, hes fed, changed,winded and very very tired but he just wont stop! what do we do in this situation?



  • Hi Gill

    Just wondering if there is any particular time your lo is crying or is it all day and also how old lo is?

    Babies often cry if they get overtired is lo sleeping much during the day?

    I would suggest trying to get lo to sleep by holding them agaist your shoulder, sitting in a dark quiet room and gently patting their back with a heartbeat rhythym. You can make a shush-ing shound as well - shhhh ...shhhhh.... shhhh which should help calm your baby. You need to be as calm as possible yourself so take deeep breaths and be aware it might take 20 minutes or more for your baby to get to sleep.

    If all else fails take lo for a walk or a drive in the car. Some babies do just cry a lot. Is there someone who can take lo out 4 a while so you can have a break?

    Phone your mw or hv if you are worried he might be unwell.
  • Just wanted to add that it says in baby whisperer book that day 3 or 4 can be tough cos baby might regress and take longer to settle but if you stick with it things are meant to improve.

    I'm not sure as I'm not exactly following the instructions (cos I settle her using some of the pu/pd method but then leave her for 1 min, then 5, then 10etc) but we had a harder night last night after a few good ones.

    Hope things improve for you soon.

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