Night time waking after previously sleeping through

Our lo is 8 months old, and has slept through for a good while now. Over the past few weeks, she has been waking around 3 times in the night. Initially we thought it may be teething, and have given her paracetamol & ibuprofen. It's now 3 weeks on, and she's still waking & there is absolutely no sign of teeth! Can teething take this long? I did wonder if it was becoming a habit, but there is no real pattern to the waking. Sometimes she'll cry out, then go back off, other times we have to go to her to settle her (only takes a few minutes) & give her pain relief.

I did wonder if it was a developmental thing, as they say when they learn new things it can often lead to night waking. Recently, she's learnt to clap, wave, pull herself up to stand & has started cruising furniture. Could this be the cause? The only other thing that I can think that has changed is that she's not taking as much milk either during the day or at her bed time bottle. We did change milk from C & G Comfort to C & G Follow On as nowhere had stock of the Comfort milk locally, but not sure if this corresponds. She eats well during the day, and we space her food & bottles out so that she's not getting it all at once. She has 2 naps during the day, generally one 40 mins & one 1 hour 30 mins. She self settles for these. It seems to make no difference to her night time waking if she's napped well or not!

Does anyone have any advice/experience/words of wisdom? I did think that it was a passing phase, but at just short of a month it seems to be a bit more. I'm 18 weeks pregnant, exhausted & (murphy's law) am going back to work in a couple of weeks. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks xx


  • No real advice but after several months of peacefully sleeping through, DS hit 4 months and started waking hourly. He's still being a bit of a nightmare so I shall just sympathise and join you in hoping it's just an elongated phase!
  • Would you like to share my match-sticks :lol: ?! It really is a shock to the system when they've slept through previously. The worst part is not knowing why they're waking...if we did, we could help them! It's heart breaking seeing her so tired in the mornings too. Here's to a peaceful night's sleep for all of us soon xx
  • I'm starting to wonder if he's now waking in order to get in my bed! i tend to drag him in bed with me, plug my boob in his mouth and doze, and I think he's getting a bit fond of snuggling up with mummy! i've not the heart or the fortiude to deny him just yet thoughimage

    The first week he started doing it was heinous, I have to agree! He doesn't sleep in the day, hasn't from very young - 20 mins here or there, an hour on a great day - but he never seems tired. Me on the other hand......
  • Aww I feel for you. Hold onto the thought its a phase. Teeth are constantly on the move if you think about it. My DD is 15 months and we are into week 3 of waking at 10, 12, 3, 4 5 and up at 6am. Each time it takes 1/2 an hour to go back and I can see she has 3-4 massive molars coming poor lass.

    Theres pain, wind, hot, cold, teething, growth spirts, seperation worries, hungar, too smaller gro bag, nightmares and new things learnt - these all seem to bring broken nights and I am not sure when it stops as I am a first time mum lol

    Not easy when you are pregnant, I hope the phase ends soon for your LO.

  • Last night was better, as she only woke once. Shame I didn't take advantage by going to bed early!! She must know that every other night bar last I go to bed around 10pm :lol:

    Maybe it's the cuddles & comfort sucking, and mummy's cosy bed :lol: ? At 4 months, I wouldn't deny him either. At 8 months and moving around with no fear, I wouldn't trust myself to keep her from crawling/rolling out! No chance of the plug either, as she's ff & doesn't take a dummy :roll:

    I feel your pain with the day sleeping too, it's only recently she's increased from 40 minutes a time! She can look exhausted, but still be smiling and carrying on. She has, however, developed my trait of losing co-ordination and spacial awareness when tired ;\) Have you found the 'off' switch yetimage I keep looking...

    Thanks for your input Suziewoo, and sorry you're suffering too. I'm clinging to the hope that it's a phase-or teeth. The length of time it's been going on, I'm half expecting her to wake up with a mouth full of teeth
    :lol: Maybe we'll get the chance to get our own back when they're older, and wake them at all hours of the night ;\) xx
  • we had has this for a while and its just in the past few days got better, fingers crossed it will continue, we had a few things it might have been, me going back to work, teeth, after what seems like an age we finally have 3 the top one has by far been the worse, either that or hes worked out how to turn his scream up a notch, learning lots, standing, cruising etc i think it must be such a hard time for them, we resorted to bringing him into bed with us to get some sleep as we just couldnt manage being awake every hour and being at work, it did help and hes finally in his own bed for most of the night x

    hope it continues to get better x
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