Thinking of starting to take my 2 month old swimming. Any suggestions on the best swim nappies/pants, floats etc etc. I am clueless so thought you mummies may be able to help as experience with different things is usually the best guide xx


  • I will give you the advice of many mummies!!! when I asked!

  • thanks a lot - that's great. i am never sure how to search previous topics on this site - it just seems to bring up loads of random stuff for me - am i being thick?
  • I cant either!! It was just cos it was one of 'my other topics' so I remembered it so just clicked under my avatar to veiw them xxxx
  • i found no shops sell swim nappys under 16lb and millie is only around 13lb and 3 months old. but i used the 16lb one anyway and it was fine. i have to order her a swim suit as its winter so no shops sell them either. we went on sunday and she loved it! she was only in for 15 mins as she gets a bit cold after that she went in the baby pool then in the shallow end of the big pool x
  • Hey hun,

    Johns lewis sell swimming cossies and reusable aqau nappies. I am taking my little one tomorrow fingers crossed.
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