when do babys stop throwing up?

hi girls was wondering wot age they stop throwing up? its driving me nuts all the washing and changing clothes. wade never throws up after his had his food it can be upto 2hrs after something will come out of his mouth just when i thought it was safe to take of the bib.
so any ideas what age upto i can expect this.
gio x


  • Zacky used to be a verry sicky baby, but as Naz said it tends to die down when LO's are weened. I found out that LO was only sick when he was little when his bottles were not warmed through enough or he was given the carton formula. Guess I am a bit different though as he was never diagnosed with anything like reflux. The only time Zacky is sick now (he is 30 weeks) is when he has a cold, or when he gets really upset and cries til he is sick.

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