north east meet anyone?

hi girls

im feeling left out image anyone fancy another north east meet as i couldnt make the last one.

im in middlesbrough



  • Hi,
    Second attempt to reply and to say yes! We're in Darlington and would love another meet up just let us know when and where.
    We have a good Adventure play type place on the outside of town, haven't made it yet but heard good things!
    So yes from me and lo! x
  • yep from me im from middlesbrough x
  • im in newcastle and would like to come too if poss! the last meet ended up being just myself, tamzin and craftycharli, it was nice, but it would be great for more of us to get together x
  • ooh lets sort something out then, most days are good for me, where is best for everyone. i dont drive

  • oh yeah I'll do another one!!! Can't do a Wed or Fri EVER but usually can do other days. I am in Northumberland and DO drive and I can give lifts if you have a car seat that fits! image
  • what about darlington then? i can get the train straight thru to there. Thursdays??

  • how far is that adventure place from the train station?

  • can i come i'm 30mins from darlington and can do any days but monday xxx
  • Darlington would be fine - no idea where that place mentioned is - anyone got a postcode for it?

    Thursdays is fine for me!
  • hey up north east ladies!
    The adventure place is about 15 minutes from the station (on Morton Park next to a Beefeater which does nice cheap food at lunchtimes by the way!) so not really walkable but I don't mind picking you up? Or you could get a cab there and then I can give you a lift back?
    I can do any day apart from Tuesday but Thursday sounds grand to me!
    Ooooh looking forward to it ladies.Think you have to register when you get there and they take a photo of you (errrrr!) then we can go and play!
    Good idea kell2! x
  • crafticharlie i owe you 99p when i see you!! still can't believe i didn't have enough money. whoops!! i am flexible with days so don't mind.
  • are we thinking THIS thursday? Or do we need more notice?!
  • I could always pick someone up from the station if needed, i can do any thursday, oooo this sounds like fun xxx
  • couldn't do darlington i don't think as i don't drive and wouldn't have a clue how to get there. i guess i could investigate trains though! couldnt do this week either as i'd need a bit more notice to get time off work!
  • Ooooooh can't do this week am away down south and if you're meeting in Darlo I CAN NOt miss that!!!
    Any other Thursday is fine and dandy by me and lo. Can pick people up no probs. Train's from Newcastle are pretty regular and I think they take about 30/40 mins (should know this when I lived in Newcastle and got the train to Darlo every day!).
    I agree maybe a Thursday in March near the end or does that become Easter? You can tell I'm not working as I have no idea when holidays are at all! x
  • I can do any thursday but the 19th as i will be away xxx
  • So Thursday's in March are:

    5th-too soon?

    12th-can't do as Craftycharli can't make it

    19th-can't do as 1stbaby-yippie can't make it

    26th-looking good?!!

    So what do you think? I can do any of those dates so over to you ladies!x

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  • I can't do 12th but could do others!
  • Linzi - yes you owe me and I won't forget :lol: No worries Mrs just whenever we see each other again! I could give you a lift to Darlo if you wanted or we could get a train together (if they are cheaper) let me know what car seat Evie has and I will check it fits my car!
  • bumping just incase. Looks like 26th then if everyone wants too?
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