Do formula fed babies need extra water?

Do formula fed babies need extra water or is their enough with the water with the formula?


  • My HV says no need for water til baby is on solids. Hope this helps x
  • My health visitor and GP said to give them an ounce of cooled boiled water a day!!

  • My HV said just give her water if I felt she was just thirsty (e.g. on a hot day) as opposed to hungry - but not to do it too regularly xx
  • there is so much conflicting a neonatal (hv) staff nurse and babies can be given an oz or so of cool boiled water on a particularly hot day if you wish or when they are constipated to help losen the bowels but they dont need extra water as such.

    I perosnally think a bit here and there (or an oz everyday if you wish providing baby doesnt get too lose bowels) does no harm as when you come to introduce water when weaning it helps if your baby can take it - some people also give water during the night if they think their babies are wakening and arent necessarily hungry...

    go with what you feel your little one needs

  • unless it is hot or they are constiapted there isnt any need until you start weaning however it is a good habit to get into as some babies dont take well to water, we started giving a couple of oz a day from about 3 months x
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