Tax Credits - Ranted before..

I have had so much trouble getting through to tax credits over the past 5 weeks, i found phoning at 8am helped but now my OH has changed his job over 2 weeks ago, i have phoned 2-3 times at different times, of every day since he changed jobs, and STILL cannot get through!!

Was just wondering if anyone had a number other than the 08453003900, that i could try? Its slightly annoying when you have to report changes and you cant, in the end i changed my address online, but unfortunately thats the only thing you can change online.

Any help appreciated xx


  • try

    01355359007 i got through straight away and if you dont its only a local number so wont cost an arm and a leg!
  • Yeah, I got through on that no. straight away a few weeks back & have now received my pack... was so relieved after weeks & weeks of trying the 0845 no. and getting cut off!
  • Thanks girls, i shall give it a try tomorrow x
  • just to say i rang that other number and its for over seas only ...highly annoying!! they wouldnt even listen to me BUT tonight ive had enough and i need them to listen to me so i rang 08543003600 and when they said where was i from i said uk and then they said they were over seas what number did i ring so i lied and said 08453003900 and he took all the details image so just play dumb image
  • they never asked me that, just took my details x
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