My LO is 3 months old. I was induced at 36 weeks for pre eclampsia. I had never worried about the birth as such as i had tried not to think about it. My LO was a big baby but other than that the pregnancy was fine. She was deliever naturally after an 18 hour labour with a catherer in and strapped to a bed all the things they advise against. :lol:
When she was delievered she wasnt breathing and they took her straight off me and ressitated her and sent her straight to SCBU. I then haemorredged badly and lost 4 pints of blood. I tried to visit her when she was 9 hours old and had a fit as my blood pressure had dropped so much with the loss of blood. I genuinelly believed that night if i went to sleep i wouldnt wake up. I had a blood transufsion the next day and went to see my LO when she was 24 hours old. She was in a incubator with an airpocket and collapsed lung and extremly swollen. Whe x raying for the air pocket they found a raised diaphragm which they believed may be hernia or weak diaphragm muscle. I went home after two days with severe anemia and LO came home after 8 days. She developed jaudice while in SCBU from her brusing and it wouldnt go down so they tested her for downs etc and the results take two week or more. She also failed her hearing test )quite common i know) Not long after the birth i went to the doctors and they knew nothing of my delievey or my blood transfusion. We then went back to the hosptal for an ultrasound on her disphragm we were then given an appointment at a childrens hospital near by for a month later. At a check up the found my LO to have clicky hip and we were referred back to the hospital. We travelled to our childrens hospital about and hour away and they didnt have the notes or ultra sound from the other hosptal and she had to be xrayed again. Even though it was the previous hospital that had refereed us. She passed her hearing and they couldnt see anything on the xray and we were on the home straight. She then went for her scan for her clicky hip and found she has displaced hips both sides and now wears a hip brace but didnt have it on til 11 weeks i am now worried this is going to lead to casts etc. In this time she has suffered terrible with wind been puton soya milk for constant screaming after feeds and green poo which seem to made the poo better but hard and she strains alot which she now has been giving lactose for. hasshe back to the constant screaming and is very difficult to get to nap on the day so on top of everything i am at my end it feels she hates me and is ok for everyone else but she screams through baby groups and outings as well as at home and fights on every bottle. She has always been a difficult feeder she came home from special care on a 4 hour 3oz routine but even now takes between 4-6oz apporx 4 hourly but it has only recently stopped taking over an hour to feed for the first two months it took over an hour per bottle. I dont know what to do anymore i never worried anything would be wrong with my baby we wouldhave her come home and be happy family hownaive was i!!!!!! Now i cant help but worry what would be next its just a stream of docs and hospital appointments. One appointment i went to i got there for 9.20 on an appointment i had been given told they didnt can til 10 was seen at 10.10 then not seen again til 11.50 and left at 12.15!!!!!!! On top of all this im been tested for all sort of lood related things and am iron definanct!! We also work with christains aainst poverty due to our terrible financial situation and are having a battle to try and get a council house!It feels like veryone thinks im on mat leave so i have loads of time to run around after them do things on the net for them amke phone calls etc and i dont!!!!

Gosh what a rant!!!!

Thanks for listening if you got to the end!!


  • goodness, you have a lot on your plate. Just wanted to say that things will improve. Keep your chin up and stay positive, you will get through this tough time.

    sending hugs and prayers your way

    Gemm x
  • Thanks for your reply, I try to stay on top of things and postive but sometimes it hard and keep thinking about the birth in my head and that i have let everyone down who were expecting the perfect birth etc to sounds alwful coz i love my littlr girl
  • hey hun
    firstly sending you massive hugs
    you are doing a wonderful job
    thats all so much to deal with, i had a relatively straightforward birth but grace had a few complications after and that took its toll so i can imagine that for you its v v difficult.

    grace has 'clicky hips' and i wonder if i can help in anyway with that - she has been in her harness since she was 6 weeks old, she is 7 months today, we go to the hospital every fortnight and are lucky we have a childrens hosp on our doorstep and they are v fab indeed (much better than any adult hospital ever lol!!) we go back on monday to see the consultant to see if she will need to go into plaster - harness has fixed right hip but waiting on left healing. i is heartnreaking and i feel like i have lost my baby daughter to straps and velcro

    however i have found a website that really really helps with this - steps charity - google it. they are all so helpful in there - lots of advice and info and support for when you have a wobble - we all do. please register with them if you dont know about it already. you can alos ring up and ask to be put into contact with someone in your local area going through similar. if you want my details to talk at any time please just ask or i can give you my facebook details.

    please please please give yourself a massive pat on the back because you are doing so well dealing with all of this. do not be scared to stamp your feet with the health professionals if you need to - your her mummy you know best!!

    also i'm not quite sure why they said 11 weeks for the harness?? ITS SO IMP THAT THEY ARE IN THEM ASAP!! some babys go into them at birth, thats awful!!! several members of the steps charity are working to change the way treatment varies across the country and make a national campaign to raise awareness of this problem.

    where abouts are you from?

    as i say if ican help in any way please let me know

    love n hugs
    jane n grace xxx

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  • Hi there, oh my word just wanted to say that you are doing such a fantastic job at being a mummy considering all that you are faced with, well done to you! The first 3 months are sooooo hard even with a straightforward baby so I absolutely salute you for doing so well with all these setbacks. After the 'magic' 3 month marker things really DO start to get better, I found the first 12 weeks quite overwhelming too. Really hope you start feeling better soon and KEEP TALKING, be it to BE or real life friends x
  • Thank you for your replies guys.

    Soon?Its so alwful seeingher so rigid and cant snuggle with me and My DH. With her being somiserable at the minute i do wonder if it the brce. She was checked in SCBU and was told her hips were fine they were found at 8 weeks and then scanned at 11 weeks and put in the brace which makes me worried more that it wont work. I so wasnt prepared for any of this. I am going to have a look at the steps website and posibly ring them tomorrow. I am from derbyshire.

  • hunny i know its awful
    the velcro n straps cuddles are just not the same as 'proper' cuddles are they?

    its v hard and theres so little info out there initially - u have to go looking

    but b v thankful that it was detected and its still early - most cases arent detected til bubbas start walking n then its automatically an operation at the v least

    i found that it wasnt until abt 5 months or so that she was really diff to other bubbas, this was around the time that friends babies were able to sit up and play with toys for themselves, obvs in a harness they wont b able to sit up easily - if at all - g still cant at 7 months, but it does actually make their little bodies stronger, in the hour out of the harness we used to do - now a quik 15 mins, grace rolled over months before any of my friends babies did, and shes had fb head control from v young as well

    if you are struggling with anything please ask - i may have found a solution already which may help you

    love n hugs

    jane n grace xxx
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